Yet another dashboard program

This one is a Virtual Instrument (VI) written in LabView from National Instruments.

It hasn’t been fully tested because Team 830’s OI is partially broken and hasn’t been repaired yet. I did write a test program to pump data to it from another computer over a null modem cable.

When I am sure it is 100% working, I will build an installation with an executable for all to use freely. You’ll need at least a Pentium class machine with a 800x600 display.

Those of you with LabView 6.1 licenses will be able to run and test this program. Let me know what works and doesn’t. I’ll be happy to add additional features as well.

LabView is available currently for Linux, Solaris and Windows. When it is available for the Palm, I’ll make a Palm version.

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What exactly does it do? Just display data? Or something like you can take the data and use it somehow?

It just displays data for now, using “LEDs” and sliders. You can turn on a chart to view the analog data graphically.

I will be adding data acquisition to a comma separated values (CSV) data file later, when I have a working robot to play with.

Is it allowed to acquire this data during a contest? Bring in a laptop or PDA to connect to the OI.

You are allowed to collect any data that your program and robot can throw out at you. You can collect it on a laptop, palm, pocket PC, anything that you can connect with a serial port. It needs to have battery power though, because there is no outlets on the field.