Yet Another Falcon Gearbox Review

First time designing a custom gearbox. Flipped dual Falcons, single stage to a pulley or sprocket output that can be reduced further.

First stage is 12:64 ratio, and we’re planning a 24:42 HTD to the 4" wheels. We’re planning for a 9.3:1 for testing.

Since we’re new at this, we’re looking for some constructive feedback on improvements or changes. It’s been designed to fit 8020 or 1x1 tube, but be easy to remove with 2 bolts.

With finger guard

No cover

How are you planning on running the belt(s) to the pulley between the falcons? From the pictures, the pulley looks rather confined, making running a belt to it possibly challenging.

Overall it looks like a solid single stage gearbox. Being able to have easy access to the mounting hardware is a nice feature too.

Planning to extend the motor mounting plate down and put a bearing in there. Looking to see what my short belt options are that have enough tooth engagement.


I assume that this gearbox isn’t for a West Coast Drive because I don’t see an output axle for the direct-driven wheel. Is there an reason you’re choosing to have the entire drivetrain side driven through a single belt instead of a more WCD-like solution that direct-drives one wheel and belts to the rest?

Not west coast drive - we’ve been using 1x1 or 8020 for our frame. We are able to shift the CG and adjust belt ratios by moving the gearbox along the rails, sometimes mid season if we need to.

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