Yet Another General Seeking of Love (and pit stuff) (YAGSL): TRIGON 5990 Needs Your Help

I see we are late to the party!

We are the FRC team TRIGON 5990 from Israel, and we’re super excited as this is our first year competing at the world championship in Houston. Unfortunately, we are facing a substantial challenge: we have limited resources and are unable to bring all the necessary pit equipment with us.

This is why we are reaching out to the local robotics community for help. We are hoping that some local teams (Houston, Texas, even just the US) might be able to lend us the pit equipment we need to compete at our best.

Even if you’re still not sure at this time whether you’ll attend the championship, please still leave your contact information with us so we can come back to you when you hopefully qualify:)

If you have ANY pit equipment you think could be of use, please reach out!

We are particularly in need of:

  • A gazebo or other structure for our pit, 10ft by 10ft or similar
  • Small chairs
  • Tables
  • Shelf structure, drawers, and other organizers
  • C-clamps
  • A blind rivet gun

If you have any of these items that you can lend to us or anything similar we would be incredibly grateful.

Thanks for reading this far!
Lavi Arzi
Programming Lead, TRIGON 5990

Contact information:
laviRZ#5990 on Discord


We are still in need of everything listed above.
If you are able to help, it would make a huge difference :grinning:

Hi 5990 TRIGON! Pearadox 5414 is attempting connect teams that want assistance with teams that want to assist. I added your team email to a google sheet of teams helping other teams. If you were already helped, let me know so resources can go to other teams.

Original Chief Delphi Post:


We are also looking for batteries and a cart for our robot.
If you have one you can spare, please let me know!

For a cart, would a dolly with rope work? Something like this:

We had 2 of these screwed together last year at champs and it worked fine.

Okay! I added robot cart (can be a dolly) to the spreadsheet.

Could work for sure, and I’ll definitely keep the link in case we don’t find anything and we’ll make one ourselves!
If a team has an elevated cart that allows working from under the robot that would be even better, but worst case scenario we just put the robot on the floor on its side.

I am a little confused by this ask in particular. I don’t know of many teams that typically use a gazebo style structure in their pit. Can I ask what this is for?

Maybe this got lost in translation somehow?
What do you guys use in NA as the base for the pit?

You can call it a CANOPY too.

In Israel we call it gazebo


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I will occasionally see a team with a canopy or gazebo type structure in their pit, but most pits I see have no frame and definitely no ceiling. I feel like the canopy would make it harder to see the robot you’d need to repair?

In Israel finding a pit without some sort of structure is very rare, even for rookies

It’s worth noting that pits at Championships will likely be separated by partitions (short pipe and drape) if you’re just trying to mark out your space.

That said, I could also understand if you were planning to hang things from such a structure (like lights, banners, or promotional material and such) why you might want one. Many NA teams will bring various types of (mostly aesthetic) pit structures, but most wouldn’t consider them essential to have if bringing them proved too burdensome.

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I would agree, a pit structure is likely not very important for your competitiveness or overall experience, definitely would focus on your other needs first (unless it is part of the way you set up the functional parts of your pit).

Last call before we buy it and donate it after champs!
Batteries mainly