Yet another homemade Swerve, with inexpensive, easy to find parts

Just in time before the 2022 kickoff, here is my prototype of a rather compact (4.5 in x 5.75 in.), traditional swerve design that is both inexpensive and uses easy-to-find parts (only a few need to be purchased overseas). The prototype in the photo and videos includes a lot of home-made parts, namely gears and VersaPlanetary gearboxes, which can easily be substituted with off-the-shelf components. I can provide the .stl files and .dxf files to anyone interested in building it. The attached .pdf files (in two languages) have a description of the design, some photos and a bill of material.

Swerve_traditionnel.pdf (681.1 KB) Swerve_traditionnel_eng.pdf (673.3 KB)


I like this a lot! The use of the angle grinder bevel gears and 6816 bearing especially is a nice cost save.
Do you have a parasolid or native CAD file of the assembly? I would like to take a closer look at how you used the bevel gears. The document you provided is well-written but hard to understand without a 3D model in front of me.


Seconding this request!

Hello asid61 and josesantos,

I have a preliminary CAD file of the assembly in Inventor 2019, that I used to compute the distances between all the elements. It’s a combination of shapes and .step files. For the build, I used another CAD program to create the 3D printed parts. For the plates, I exported the 2D elements in .dxf and created a .ngc file for my CNC. I can send you the Inventor files, but if you want to see how I used the bevel gears, unfortunately, I did not CAD that portion of the design.
What I did though was to allow some tolerance with the shaft length (holding the small bevel) and the position of the wheel+large bevel (using acetal spacers) to make sure the bevel gears mesh properly. I made the final adjustments on the prototype.

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Here is the GrabCAD link to the files (Inventor 2019, OpenSCAD, .stl and .dxf)


Receive the 100mm bearings and installed in in the swerve wheel. Also included a picture of the bevel gear (G5 and G6 in the documentation)


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