Yet Another Swerve

I had some free time so i made this, as always comments, and questions are always welcome.

You can Download the cad Here

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What were the design goals of this module? Whenever I’m designing something “for fun” I usually end up putting some kind of constraints in place to optimize around, whether it’s manufacturability with a certain subset of machines, size, motor selection, packaging/integration, etc.

The backshaft encoder on the 775Pro looks nifty, what encoder is it, how’s it integrated and do you have any concerns with it getting damaged being on the underside without much ground clearance?

there wasn’t really any goal, i just wanted to make something cool.

The encoder is from US Digitail (Can be found Here)

It depends on the game, but other parts around it would be hit first so i’m not overly worried about damaging it.

The pocketing on that top plate seems very aggressive. Especially so if that’s carbon fiber, which has very different properties from aluminum and needs to be designed with its specific strengths and weaknesses in mind.

Also, is there a reason you’re using a 775pro for the drive motor instead of a NEO? The NEO is just as light, more powerful, and significantly less prone to self-destructing. It’s also shorter meaning you would save on ground clearance, especially when you no longer need the backshaft encoder (which I agree seems dangerously placed for use in a real competition robot).

I would guess that it’s for control reasons, we’re currently having a hard time implementing our motion profiles on NEO’s without the Talon SRX’s velocity control features. Also using the NEO’s internal encoder makes things a lot harder, as its resolution is very low for any real velocity control.

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