YETI Robotics 2015 Reveal Video

Here is the link to our robot reveal video:
We’re competing at the Georgia Southern Classic Regional and the North Carolina Regional this year.
Thanks for watching!

I’m a huge fan of creative solutions and this is certainly one of the more unique robots I’ve seen this year.

I assume you can reach back and grab the bins you’re “storing”? And is 4 your highest cap?

Thanks so much! Yup, we can raise the platform underneath and grab both of the bins we’re storing.
4 has been our highest cap so far, yes.

That was a really good video. Compliments to whomever made it.
Smooth robot too. I wa slooking at some of your past videos too and it looks like you guys have some serious out-of-the-box thinking. Very neat robots.

Yes! Someone else going for a tote set and a can set in auto! I can’t wait to see if you’re successful.