YMTC: Redateam Provides Bluateam Parts

Thank you 2008 GDC! You Make The Call (YMTC) is a series of situations where you are the official and make the call. Please reference specific rules when applicable. The results of YMTC are not official and are for educational purposes only.

Bluabot was turning quick laps and hurdling all day on Friday at the Magnolia Regional until, during Bluateam’s last match, Bluabot found itself in a gasp-filled high-speed collision with Redabot that resulted in Bluabot’s launcher being completely destroyed and not repairable. Bluateam had a spare 200 miles away on Bluabot’s sister but because Bluateam brought 25 lbs. of spare parts on Thursday, it would not help if it was 200 feet away. While the pit announcer shouted, “Pits close in 5 minutes!”, Redateam visited Bluateam to see if Bluabot was okay; this is when Redateam discovered Bluateam’s dilemma. Redateam came up with the solution that Redacoach announced, “You go get your practice robot launcher, we’ll bring it in tomorrow, and then give it to you. We only brought in a couple of pounds worth of robot parts on Thursday and since your shooter only weighs 15 lbs., we can bring it in under our 25 lb. limit.” Redateam and Bluateam executed the plan and Bluabot was ready for the first match on Saturday at the Magnolia Regional.

Based on the 2008 Rules, YOU MAKE THE CALL!

Up for interpretation. I’d be inclined to say illegal, but there is nothing to say whether it is or isn’t legal in the rules, so it could be legal. This is by the letter of the rules.

But, the spirit of the rules is that you only bring 25 lbs of fabricated spares unless they are in your crate. So by this reasoning, illegal.

This reminds me of a Q&A. Someone asked if they could use a servo and onboard sensor to keep track of state. As I recall, the GDC responded that the proposed method would be a violation of the spirit, but not necessarily the letter, of the rules.

I think that this could go either way. It depends on whether the letter or the spirit is being enforced.

As long as the spare launcher was built during the 6 weeks/fix it windows I would have no problem with it.

Sorry, <R41> is quite clear. They may not bring in more than 25 pounds of FABRICATED items. If they had the raw material (which would be a COTS item, unlimited) with them they could manufacture new SPARES using equipment/machine shop available to all teams at the regional during the specified hours <R31>. I would argue that they could aquire the raw materials while at the regional if need be. If they did not bring in 25 pounds of FABRICATED items, I would also argue that they could manufacture a new or upgrade part at their home facility and bring it in first thing in the morning <R32>. This would be a timing thing and as long as they met those requirements it would be OK.

Here is the lesson. If you have complicated FABRICATED items, make a couple spares when you make the first one and stick them in your crate. Mind you, this is coming from someone with crate, robot (110 pounds), contols, bumpers that weight about 320 pounds. If you have items that are simple to manufacture, bring in the raw materials and the necessary equipment to manufacture them or make sure that the on site (haha) machine shop has the equipment to make them. Never bring in your maximum weight in SPARE/UPGRADE Parts. Especially if you have a second robot nearby with duplicate parts on it that were manufactured during the build season.

<R41> Teams may bring a maximum of 25 pounds of custom FABRICATED ITEMS (SPARE PARTS, REPLACEMENT PARTS, and/or UPGRADE PARTS) to each competition event to be used to repair and/or upgrade **their **ROBOT at the competition site. All other FABRICATED ITEMS to be used on the ROBOT during the competition shall arrive at the competition venue packed in the shipping crate with the ROBOT.

Emphasis mine.

Because it is a fabricated item and Redabot is not planning on using the spares on their robot, it is illegal

Based on your emphasis there is nothing that says how many pounds of fabricated parts you could bring to fix other teams robots.

I have no doubt that it is against the intention of the rule however I wouldn’t call a team out for doing it.

Personally, I think it’s a wonderful gesture by a team to offer that, but seeing as how it could be very much abused, I’d be very cautious about treading down that slippery slope.

ok while I would consider what reateam is doing illegal(but a very nice gesture), because redateam did not make the parts they are providing during the week spare build(the bluateam built it). there are other ways around this. I consider fabricated parts to be parts that you your self(or some one else ) fabricated specifically for you. this does not include bolts washers or nuts . . you bought those at a store. it also doesn’t include any thing else that you bought at a store and did not modify. so firstly take off every bolt and nut on your fabricated items. if you don’t get the weight from that, then get out the drill and start making holes in your parts like you would a robot 5 lb over weight( this to me is an even grayer area).

I guess the real lesson to this is week one ask your self . . can I fix this from parts out of home deopt.

I am not shure if i am reading this right or not, but it seems that if bluateam just omits the 25 lbs of spares they brought, and exchange the ability to use those parts for the ability to use the spare shooter. basically, they would have to sacrifice 15 lbs of the spare parts they brought, put that back in the trailer, and then they could use thier spare shooter, without the help of redateam.
then again i could have interpreted that rule wrong. and i am assuming they did not use any of the original spare parts they brought

but i do think it is illegal if buateam already used all of the 25lbs. it would not be fair to other teams who might have also broken thier robot, but not have recieved such generosity.