[YMTC]: Scoring on rack by human player

we were fooling around and noticed we could throw the tubes onto the rack
is there anything illegal about the human players doing this

No it is encouraged by GDC. So go ahead and throw them on.

No, but do you really think your human player would have the accuracy to avoid negating already-scored ringers? The most reachable spider legs are more likely to have your own ringers on them than the opponent’s.

Unless you are truly desperate, or the rack is empty and your alliance doesn’t have any capable ringer scorers, I’d stick to feeding the ringers to your robots, either through the chute or over the top of the player station onto the floor.

Nothing I’ve seen says you can’t as long as you stay within the alliance station boundaries - however - use extreme caution if this is part of your strategy. If your toroid happens to fall on a spiderleg that already has one on it of your color, they’re both negated.
EDIT: Wow you guys are fast. See the two posts above.

It wouldn’t surprise me if teams were developing strategies based off this very play. Imagine, having three robots giving your opponents hell on the other side while your human players stack up the empty side of the rack (which happens to be closest to you).

Completely ludacris, completely impractical, but it’d sure be a fun match for the spectators. :stuck_out_tongue:

i highly doubt this will happen. although like stated, interesting. i think if this strategy were going to be used, it would be in the first 10-15 seconds of teleoperated, while bots are picking up torids.

I was planning on being the human player for 1495, but I realized it would be much better if we let the taller kids on the team do it. I’m sure one of them could wing it that far, we’ll give it a test tomorrow. The tough part is vaulting it over the wall and then getting it to land on the rack.

Like others said, there’s little purpose to this strategy. The human player tubes are much more important than the tubes across the field in my opinion, so why waste them trying to hurl them onto the rack? Unless you can do it with blazing accuracy, the risk of throwing it onto/into the rack or out of the arena AND the fact that you can negate your tubes by accident seems like enough reason to not even try this. Plus there’s a GOOD chance (it happened a lot today) that you’ll stick one to the flag post / top of a team bot.

Only times I see this useful are in these desperate situations:

  1. All 3 robots are broken, or the offensive bots are.

  2. When stacking your allies up, an enemy bot is somehow able to create a quick row and the only way to stop it is to desperately throw a stopper onto the rack.

  3. Like the last guy said, in the first 15 seconds or so. If you fall short, just pick it up with the bot and yay! Just make sure your throwers are really accurate and that they don’t sail out.

Ridiculous situations indeed!

Definitely Legal (not really sure why its a YMTC)…
Necessary? Unlikely… but what I will say is that a team with a human player able to land them on the rack will be valuable. At Rochester Rally alone, we saw 3 or 4 people score on the rack (ok I think two were mentors!) but it is possible and definitely legal, and I think is something everyone should be training for. Its better to train for it and not need to use than need it and not have it!