[YMTC]: What constitutes launching a gear?

1058 has received two yellow cards in our 5 matches thus far on Archimedes for launching a gear, when we eject it one foot in front of the robot on the ground in autonomous.

How would you call this?


Since there is no video, I cannot speak to your specific design

But the way I would call it is when your robot gives forward movement to the gear
1> If after that forward movement stops the gear is still in contact with your robot then you pushed the gear and did not launch it.


2> If when the forward movement of the gear ends it is not in contact with your robot then you launched the gear.


In the end it is whatever the head referee says it is. Conversation on CD is good for venting, but it is not going to effect the head referee decisions. :] With the first yellow card, I would have my team in the question box to understand the referees thinking.

Here is the video of our match where we exhibited the same behavior, but did not receive a card. https://youtu.be/l-ATyWyeBlw. See the center robot on the blue alliance side in auto. (this was a match from yesterday).

Frank Merrick and Aidan Browne got involved and clarified that it was fully legal and we did not need to change any of our auto. In addition the yellow card was reversed.

Edit: This is required in auto to set up our gear manipulator for scoring during the match. We have a spring loaded door that requires a gear to be pushed out before we can pick up gears.

Given the blue box under G23, I can understand the call, although from the video shown I wouldn’t have made it. But I’m also not a ref :slight_smile:

For the purposes of FIRST® STEAMWORKSSM, LAUNCHING is defined as shooting in the air, kicking or rolling across the floor with an active mechanism, or throwing in a forceful way.

You do have an active mechanism that propels it across the floor.

You used the word eject

If it was like that, then yes, it’s launching.

The intent of the rule seems to be that teams don’t throw gears across the field. IMHO, it’s pretty clearly not launching.

Glad you got it reversed. I would have not called that launching. (But then I am not a referee). I can see it called using a the narrow blue box definition.