[YMTC]: YMTC: Bluabot hurdles from outside the Home Stretch?

Thank you 2008 GDC! You Make The Call (YMTC) is a series of situations where you are the official and make the call.
Please reference specific rules when applicable. The results of YMTC are not official and are for educational purposes only.

*Welcome to the inaugural Dogwood Regional. Bluabot, Bluateam’s most successful robot ever, has been racking up wins with its well-designed trackball launcher and quality student driving. In Bluabot’s final match on Saturday morning, with time winding down and losing by just 3 points, Bluabot collects a ball in the opponents’ home stretch and sprints down the track to attempt one last hurdle. Oh no! Traffic jam between the Red Lane and the Blue Home Stretch! With lightning-quick reflexes befitting a fighter pilot, Bluabot’s driver stops in the Red Lane just short of the Blue Home Stretch, aims, and fires! With 2 seconds to go, the blue trackball goes sailing over the overpass and clears the Blue Finish Line, landing on the track in the Blue Lane as the crowd erupts with excitement.

Assuming a penalty-free match, does Bluateam’s alliance get the dramatic 5 point win? Or has Redalliance held on to score an upset victory by 3 points?*

Based on the 2008 Rules, YOU MAKE THE CALL!

This one seems pretty cut and dry to me. It is all about where the ball crosses over the lane divider and overpass.

The location of Bluabot is completely irrelevant, the only thing it affects is the definition of “hurdling” and therefore G42 protection.

If the trackball fully crosses the lane divider before crossing the finish line this should score as a hurdle and blue wins. If not, no hurdle and red takes it.

Not even sure why this one is a question (sorry Lucien, I just couldn’t resist throwing that back in this time :slight_smile: ). Vikesrock has it right, for the reasons cited. Bluateam gets the win. They collect their trophy and banner, and head for home, ready to spend the rest of the weekend relaxing under the willows.


That’s nothing like a willow.

Ha! I finally got it. Can’t make the call - this is a trick question. There’s no way Red can be ahead of Blue by 3 points.

(Reference: <G04>, <G05>, <G06>, <G09>, <G10>, <G11> and <G14>)

Wow, can’t believe I missed that one. Nice catch Gary.

bwahahaha… I missed that too… wow…

I missed it too. However, if that deficit Blue is in is less than 8 points, Blue still wins the match.

Red has 49.999999999 points (at least that’s how the computer is storing it) and blue has 46. Round-off error from floating point operations and type conversions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess FIRST is using a Pentium floating point unit.