[YMTC]: [YMTC] possession

Here’s the scenario

Blue human player is trying to inbound the ball to Blueabot 1, which is a short robot with a top mounted catching device. Redabot 1 is trying to defend against the inbound and is a tall robot with a high catching device. Redabot 1 puts itself in between the inbounder and Blueabot 1 and the ball tossed by the human player falls into Redabot 1. The redabot 1 operator, seeing the blue ball in his robot, fires his catapult and the ball from his robot goes sailing out of the field of play.

My questions are:
1> is blue given a technical foul under <G14>?
2> no fouls given?
3> Is red given a technical foul under <G12> “carrying”?
4> Is red given 2 technical fouls under <G12> “carrying” & “Launching”?
5> Is red given 2 technical fouls under <G12> “carrying” & “launching” and 1 foul under <G11>?
6> Is red given a red card under <G12> “strategic possession”?


I’m not sure how a G14 could not be called. Blueahuman made the decision to try to inbound the ball in traffic. If the ball went into Redabot and became POSSESSED, that’s on them.

What’s murky is if Redabot’s team should recieve a G11 for ejecting the ball. I can understand that the driver might freak out and want to get the red ball off him ASAP. I would say that given the rules as written, Redabot’s driver should understand that he was not the cause of the blue ball POSSESSION and doesn’t now get to make whatever illegal actions he wants with it just because he was forced into POSSESSION of it.

I think there would be a penalty for purposely launching a game piece out of the field other than that I would’t expect another penalty.

I’d call a G11 on red for intentionally ejecting the ball from gameplay. Intent doesn’t matter on that one. Assuming this happened once, no G14 (“Strategies aimed solely at forcing the opposing ALLIANCE to violate a rule…”) for blue the first time, but if it happened more than once (even over the course of an event), I’d change my mind.