[YMTC]: YMTC: Thank You Game Design Committee

Before the You Make The Call (YMTC) threads begin for 2007, I’d like to sincerely thank the 2007 Game Design Committee (GDC) for all of your hard work. For more than a decade, you have done an incredible job designing the game along with predicting the future. Thank you very, very much.

Although the YMTC threads can be a fun way to discuss and explore the details of the rules, the threads often explore gray areas. GDC, please understand, when the gray areas are explored, this is not a criticism or insult of you. Certainly the vast majority of FIRSTers understand that it is impossible to create rules that have no gray areas; even sports that have stable rules from season to season have gray areas.

Everyone, please remember that YMTC is for entertainment and educational purposes only and is NOT a substitute for acquiring an official ruling from FIRST.

Thank you GDC,

I defiantly would like to thank them because if it wasn’t for them, who knows what would happen.

I would also like to thank the GDC. Without them there every year to give us a new challenge to solve with our heads I don’t know what would happen. I think they have done a great job giving us a game that requires strategy just as much as robot ability this year.