Yoshi 3DS Lost at the Arkansas Rock City Regional

(Admins, if there’s a better place to post this, go ahead and direct me to said better place. I’m new to the forum.)

So this weekend at the Arkansas Rock City Regional, I lost my Yoshi themed Nintendo 3DS XL, along with my grey Nintendo 3DS charger, as well as a copy of Chrono Trigger for DS. The pit admin had left the competition by the time I realized that they were missing. If anyone knows who I could contact so I can get my stuff back, I’d be much obliged. Thanks.

Go to the FIRST site and search for lost & found. Then send an e-mail to the address given, they’ll know which FRC field was at your venue and have someone watch for it at the next venue.

That being said: Why in the world would you bring a game to an FRC event? I mean, the whole point of being there is the robot competition. Please tell me you aren’t one of those kids in the stands playing games instead of participating in the event…:eek:

Thank you.

We were signed out of our hotel, so I had a lot of things on me that couldn’t fit in my suitcase. I left it up charging in the stands (inb4 I’m an idiot, everyone within a 5 mile radius has already told me that) so it would be charged for the bus ride home. When I came back for it, it was gone.

I HAVE IT!!! YAY! Send your address to mnovak@usfirst.org