You are a true robotics student if...

…you think these are funny

YEAH!!! That is awewome…i love it…

Great videos… however I fail to miss this being proof of being a true robotics student. Anyone see the connection?

our robotics students are all simple minded…so natrually we all find this hilarious…we just want to know if other robotics groups are the same

Just about all of them seem to be split. Half for work and half for fun. It works out best that way.

cool, cool

oh that was cute lol, but I feel bad for the cow

You are a true robotics student if you are an engineering true at heart.

I are an engineer. (bad grammar intended)

Lol! I totally see the connection to our team.

(Brought to you by the calamari democracy)

You get excited to put all of your parts together in the final assembly…

…in inventor…

If your reading this in physics lecture…But you still got a 97 on the last test…

yes i see the connection and i see why we all like it :stuck_out_tongue:


haha, cute lavery

100% cowhide! That’s funny.:yikes:

man i feel stupid
i just spent ten minutes watching the mango one waiting for it to end…