You got a web hug award suggestion?

It seems that often, when I post in a thread (more frequently than should be expected if it were truly random), my post is the last one made in the thread. I’m thinking that maybe this should be one of the award categories at the web hug at the championship. :wink:

Do you have a suggestion for a web hug award? :slight_smile:

(The “real” awards at last year’s web hug are listed here.)

User who spent the most time logged onto Chief Delphi.

Received most bear hugs from Big Mike
Best Dave Lavery Photomanipulation
Forum Jester

How bout “Gave most bear hugs to Big Mike”? :ahh:

My standings put Paul Copioli at 2 and DJ Fluck at a grand total of 0.5(I’ll give him 0.5 for effort ;))

How bout…best advocation for the Short People’s plight? I WIN!


Really, advocation is fun.

User who received the most reputation. (say, during the season or from some set preseason date.)

The most well known rookie (04 or 05 and next year 05 or 06 etc. so there would be more rookies to choose from)

I’m all for an award for people who are in teams with the number 3, 8, and 4 in the team number and have a last name starting with M, but that’s just me. :wink:

How about the person with the highest score on the Picture Caption contest that Billfred is running?

There could also be one for EddieMcD’s jeopardy game.

but those really arent run by chiefdelphi … just on chiefdelphi.

“Perennial Insomniac Award” - given to the person most frequently seen on CD at 3:30am

Nice idea, Dave. You, Jason, JVN, and I would be in a tough fight with each other and a couple others for that one :slight_smile:

Uhm, Dave…it’s always 3:30 AM somewhere. (alright, 24 times a day, but still…)

Alright, fine then smacks BillFred upside the head :slight_smile: ]. Do it this way: “Perennial Insomniac Award” - given to the person with the most posts made at 3:30am (user local time)

I’d go for that one

Either that, or the award for most rumors spread about Nationals getting cancelled. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nationals got cancelled!!! Dang! Now I gotta go cancel my reservations… :rolleyes:


mebbe saying throws confetti!! award. lol
or the most creative sayings or random team spirit or sayings in general…
like UR FACE IS INSTANT LUNCH! - ooo i think i win. haha :smiley:

here is the problem there isnt any written record of how many times i have bear hugged a person
so in that case i win :smiley:

how about the “been chased around a parking lot in indiana by Big Mike award”
(that honor would have to got to Jason Morella(it was more like the cycote chasing the Road Runner)) :stuck_out_tongue:

how about most hits from an IP address…during the build season (assuming you could figure out who it is.

i like the most posts at 3:30
and most active viewing time

lets quantify who is the biggest CDaholic

edit: how about biggest post perday percentage since joined (1 year min)