You have to wonder....

Ive been browsing the forums alot recently and have wondered…

What does first think when they read things like the rumor mill or the Dean’s inventions thread

i mean, you have to think that at some point their either gloating or laughing at us.

Any thoughts?:slight_smile:


I might add that this probably applies most to Dave Lavery as he seems to be the only one that posts at all. He probaly gloats like none other when he realizes that we have taken the bait on his possibly fake hints.

Fake hints? What fake hints? We don’t need no stinkin’ fake hints… :slight_smile:


I think dlavery goes into fits of laughter all the time when our rumors are so far from the truth as to be ludicrous to him, and yet still seem perfectly reasonable to us.

‘rumors so far from the truth as to be ludicrous and yet seem perfectly reasonable to us’ could be some type of mantra or slogan. We do seem to have a special talent for it. :slight_smile:

as our team briefly discussed for a motto… “making the simple complicated”

our motto this year ‘unencumbered by the thought process’ but it was in latin so it looked different…

It’s not so much that there are fake hints, but it’s the fact that everything Dave does is interpreted as a possible game hint. Mr. Lavery could signal to change lanes in traffic, and some FIRST team member would post it on CD as a game hint.

… I have learned to take many of Dave’s posts containing smilies with a few packages of salt! :slight_smile:

I have learned to take all of Dave’s posts with a shaker full of salt… :stuck_out_tongue: I like suprises, too. So I don’t really try to look for hints… :smiley:

I know I only focus on what he says as long as it doesn’t involve FIRST. He can give some pretty cool information sometimes, just not with FIRST.

Indeed. There are too few heros already, but we do have one lurking amongst us here.

You know, ever since I joined this forum, I’ve likened you to the ‘cigarette smoking man’ from the X-files and the rest of us are like Mulder and Scully the way you lead us around with hints and clues. :smiley:

To know Dave is to love him. Be satisfied in the fact that at a given moment, no one knows what Dave is thinking.

First does lurk here and reads what you write. Just know that there is a lot of data here but there is also a lot of extraneous electrons. I would guess that they laugh as often as any of us when reading posts. Choose wisely what you write, grasshopper.

If FIRST didn’t have hints period, off-season would be a little boring. Could you imagine a summer without hints?

Think of where FIRST would be if it wasn’t for snapper-juggling and bananas on Box-Bot.