You know it's nearing ship date...

Jenny Craig’s weight reduction system is in full swing at the chicken coop.


Or, of course, you hear: “What do we need money for? We’re done building.” “Traveling, shipping, the cart, [blah blah blah], and ham sandwhiches.”

OR “Our Robot is going live…9 days before we send it out. Oh shoot.” Followed by lots of frenzied, important looking movements and frenzied, important sounding shouted orders <.<

We call our wight loss system the “Dewalt Diet”:wink:

I don’t want to know how much weight we need to lose <.<

We call our’s the “How Much More Crap Can We Load On Here” anti-diet.

I’ve heard that running laps might help. Can fat chickens run laps? :smiley:

Just as long as there’s no purple haze blurring their vision :wink:

Optional alternate pun: Looking at the dents and broken pieces in our practice bot, I’d say that running laps is definitely working to reduce its weight :stuck_out_tongue:

its just relaxing to know that we are under weight and have to add more…:smiley:

Yes, it is. 23 pounds-ish. All you heard from our teacher-dude was “And we can but a steel rod here…” XD

You realize that you have 2 weeks worth of work to try to get done in 2 days.

And, oh yeah, by the way, we are 20ish pounds overwieght. Time to break out the Dremel tool & Dewalt drill and ATTACK!!!

We’ll manage, we’re pretty good at that.

When you’re 96 pounds and for once you’re happy to be weightmaster! :)P

PS Whoever’s going to The Great Lakes Regional , good luck against 240 :slight_smile:

our drive train team today disassembled their base to reduce weight. They have the robot tonight, I’m curious where they took weight from… I’m pretty sure they went for the “take it apart, reassemble it, and wonder why you have extra parts laying around” approach.

1.) When you don’t get in until 6 am because a team themed after Bacon had to go on a “lean” diet. Happy to say WalrusPig is now underweight and feeling very spry.

2.) When you don’t want to get off Chief Delphi / YouTube because you can’t wait to see who posts the next teaser. ( A white board doesn’t count grr… 217…)

When you’re glad that everything worked and we don’t need massive amounts of coffee to stay up and remove weight from the robot on Monday night :smiley: .

When you take off your safety glasses and poke yourself in the eye because you took them off a while ago, and so you go to take them off your head but grab your hair because they’re not raised up there either.

Goodness, we haven’t even finished putting the robot together, let alone weighed it.

When you crate the robot on Sunday night and take the two days before ship off…

when the jokes stop and work begins!

When you leave a meeting at 10 pm, and come in the next morning to see everyone wearing the same clothes from yesterday because they didn’t go home, you have a pretty good indicator that ship date is near!