You know what would be cool? A pneumatics Manual.

Can’t believe they haven’t published a pneumatics manual yet. It would be real nice to know what size cylinders we can use this year.

The cylinder size information is in the ROBOT section 8 of the rules, <R72>

anything you want up to a maxiumum size of 24" stroke and 2" bore.

I know that, but sizes and types have been restricted in the pneumatics manual before and I would like to have it to see if they will be again.

Right now the rules look wide open. I would hate to design a mechanism that uses something like a spring return cylinder and then find out it is outlawed in the pneumatics manual.

The rules say you can use anything, and the Pneumatics Manual is not part of the rules (as I understand it with my feeble lawyer mind).

I understand your hesitance…how could it be possible that they could make it so easy to select parts for the robot? :slight_smile:

I know, so many years of severe restriction I just find it hard to believe they would leave it so wide open.

I do like the idea of finally being able to use spring return pistons :smiley: … Still i think your right we will wait for them to publish the manual before we place our cylinder orders

We used a few spring return cylinders last year from mcmaster under the new open rules for the pneumatics section, so I need to compare the two manuals but it sounds like we’re allowed to use what we want again.(to the 2" bore x24" long rules obviously)

Is the order sheet for cylinders somewhere? or is it in the pneumatics manual?

We didn’t use pneumatics last year for the first time in years so I didn’t spend a lot of time reading that section. I didn’t know they were so wide open. Thanks guys, good to know.

Go to There is a link on their home page.

Last year was our first year with pneumatics and it was a good year to start, so open and free

Last year was our first without pneumatics, so we also missed out on the new policy.