You know when the season is over....(Building 19 ad)

You know when the season is over…

…when you see the Building 19 ad.


(Building 19 is a Boston area retail store that sells salvage, close-outs, and general left-overs. Yes, they had several boxes of them, still in plastic wrap, at the Norwood store, including a few with the -ahem- non-profit organization’s name on them.)

would you be willing to buy some for people in need of them for offseason events?

you know FIRST season is over when you think of all the good ideas

True. I always have awesome ideas when the season is over. Seeing the game being played, and seeing all the other robots acts as a catalyst for new creative designs that you hadn’t thought of before.

So you bought them all, right?

wait a sec… it says the robots weren’t popping the tubes… I can think of a few hundred counterexamples to that sitting in a pile at championships…

You know the season’s over when game pieces are being used for their original everyday purposes :stuck_out_tongue:

You know the season is over when you’re bored if there aren’t off-season activites. :frowning:

It also says they were used in water exercises.

It also says the robots had to run water exercises. They must have been thinking of next year’s challenge. :smiley:

I already told them, so do not do the same. (GP and all, remember?) No answer yet, but it’s <24 hours. They’re a good store, and have humorous ads.

Just one, a red one that had some “non-profit organization”'s name all over it, to remind me of the many hours programming autonomous.

What, you think I got a pool or something?

I think it’s funny that they are “1st quality”, not great or another adjective. Pun intended?

It’s a cool store to poke around if you’ve got the time. They recently did a closeout of a science teacher supply store and I had a blast looking at all the beakers, dioramas, etc.

However, I have this annoying unconscious habit of showing up at Building 19 on the 19th of the month, which is “Building 19 Day” - during its grand fiesta of all that is Building 19. I only realize that I’ve walked in *again *on the 19th once I’m in the store.

(For you CT-ites, Building 19 is the equivalent of Ocean State Job Lot, with more amusing advertising.)

you know the season is over…

wait… the season is over!!! :ahh: :eek:


The write up on the tubes is priceless. Apparently whatever organization this was had a water game. Perhaps FIRST should look into this organization’s implementation of such a competition and work on finally giving the FIRST community what it wants, a water game. Does anyone know which organization they are talking about? This seems like just the type of thing that L.A.S.T. (Lunatics Against Science and Technology) might try to pull off.

Just curious,


Just like football season, the FIRST season is never over. You take a couple of weeks off maybe, but then you get right back into it, sharpening everything for the next competition all over again.

CAD doesn’t learn itself :wink:

You know the season is over when…

…you go to the kickoff event for the next season’s game.

And in my closet

While not FIRST, here is a water game that is very well run and pretty cool. go to . My team went to the first event and had a blast!

when you log in to delphi in the morning and make a post, only to go back that night and check for replies and find that not only are there no replies, but your still number 5 in recent activity

You know the season (and practically your part-time high school career) is over when you first were thinking about graduation, and then pondering what you are going to do with those two years at community college… struggling to make time to leave the team some notes on what to do to make the team better.

I tell you this much: it sort of sucks to be a graduated senior from a robotics team that you had so much fun with over 4 years, and saw grow from your freshman year. tear

[size=2]Otherwise, I must say, welcome to the 2007-2008 FLL, FVC, and FRC season folks. It’s game time! :smiley: