You know you overdosed on Chief Delphi when..

Similar to when you’ve overdosed on FIRST , except with Chief Delphi.

You know you overdosed on Chief Delphi when you go to CD more often than Myspace.

You know you overdosed on Chief Delphi when you have more mail on CD than Yahoo.

Just for reference - here’s another thread thats very similar. Not identical, but you get the point.

You know you’ve overdosed on CD when you can instantly reference another thread that corresponds with the current one

When you post in this thread.

When you freak out because a member of your team has joined with you.
When you talk about a mentor’s amazing “super” powers.
When you have a webclip on an iPhone/iPod that takes you directly to the portal, zooming in on the current posts.
When you wish other forums had the same smileys that this forum has.
When you identify people at events by their username.
When you join chats named Boom!
When you refer to something that was said on CD almost every day.
When you constantly click refresh on the portal forgetting about CD-Spy.
When you set your browser’s home to CD.
When you are on CD in school instead of working on a script for class. :smiley:

when you think “isnt a spike relay a h-bridge and not a relay…”

when you check CD at least 12 times a day just to see whos on.

when it’s the homepage for you phone

when you wear your web hug tee shirt to random places (mall, school…), and your PROUD to wear it.