You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


…when on of you FIRST friends makes a joke about the regional you just went to and no on but you and him laughs in class!!


When you spend more time thinking about robotics then about the 10 page English paper due tomorrow that you haven’t started.

When you then go on to write said paper on robotics even though it is supposed to be on literary techniques and you still get a passing grade because the teacher doesn’t want to have to deal with you next year. Edit: or with the teams programmers hacking their computer again like the last time she failed a robotics student. (programmers + boredom+ way to entertain selves=done).

PS: this wasn’t my team!


every time you see a 4-digit number on an article, you think of the scouting statistics of that team.


…you have a FIRST “clique” at school and all you do is talk about robotics during lunch


When you got a perfect score on the writing portion of the SATs because you wrote about making Anderson connectors.

Not that that was a personal experience. It happened to an alumni of our though. :slight_smile:


When a tour is going around your school and you cough happen cough to be right next to where your team works/stores the robot and when the tour gets there, the teacher leading the tour has you talk about it and they have to tell you to stop because you were only supposed to only speak for a few minites (not half an hour :slight_smile: )


(posting again because it isn’t letting me edit)

…your friends say night at the exact moment you normally leave for team meetings, even when you told them in advance that there is no meetings for that entire week.


and when she thinks its a valid excuse.

–when you are late for a date, and your girlfriend simply asks “robot?” and doesn’t need an answer


…when youn plan on spending the day on a research paper, and end up watching old match videos instead.


…when you don’t have a date because…robots


…when you spend most of your introduction to engineering college classes browsing CD.


…you’ve downloaded every single piece of Autodesk software offered for free.


You see a 3DS friend code and think it’s an alliance.


… when the table you sit at, is your robot from last year, converted into a mobile folding table. (dont ask)


…when “don’t ask” is your catch phrase.


When you read an entire thread about how teams say their team number…


When you look at your car’s trip odometer and try to think what team matches the number you see.
This morning it was 101.8…Robo Devils


When you complain about spam.


You’re asking for more RAM for Christmas so that you can program and run the robot from your computer without the BSOD.


and your Accoutning class…and your programming class…and any other class with a computer