You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


Your signature is so true…when you miss your FIRST team more than your friends :’(


Ahhh, the wonderful C++ semi-colons, what would we do without them? ;


When you just realized you spent your entire accounting class reading and replying to this thread, have replied to waaaaay too many things, and the stuff in this thread is so familiar and makes you miss your old team so much that your crying in class. :frowning:


When you have already graduated college, but STILL line dance with the students during competitions :smiley:


When your morning shower consists of you thinking of hypothetical FRC games for the upcoming year.


… When it’s 11:30 at night, you need to be awake in five hours to make it to the non-local kickoff, and you’re still here, browsing Chief Delphi, with no sleep in sight for at least three more hours.


…You’re marrying a guy you met from another FIRST team during high school and spending your honeymoon at an FRC regional with the team you mentor.


When you see pool noodles as impact dampeners, not flotation devices.


… you select locker numbers at your gym based upon FRC team numbers you know so that you can remember which locker is yours.

Last night was the Truck Town, 68.
Several times were Hammand 71, Poofs 254, or PINK 233.
Epsilon Delta 116 always seems to be taken, for whatever reason.


When your favorite time of the day is when the clock reads your team number.
Great! it’s 7:01

Too bad for the teams past 1259 unless you roll with the 24 hour clock, then it’s 2359


you wish they didn’t cancel school for the weather because you can’t meet when school is cancelled.


You haven’t seen your team in a couple of weeks due to being in college, and you have nightmares about them building a robot that can’t consistently score in the high goal, yet tries anyway.


You can look at a robot and write down every single part used to build it within 5 minutes.


You don’t buy lunch for a week so you can save the money for a non-broken jaguar.


Gotta say, thats really sweet


-When you haven’t bathed for 12 days.


When your always on Chief Delphi!


When you ask your mom for a left handed crescent wrench for your birthday.


Do they make such a thing?


when you know all the teams going to your regional, when you can’t sleep because all you do is think about your robot and designs and competition, when all you think about is strategy for the game and talk to a random stranger about it and go on for 30 minutes talking about FIRST.