You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


…volunteers at competition look familiar… from seeing them on Chief Delphi.


You just spent 4 hours on CD, then realize your dad (coach) is in the garage building your crate for St. Louis.


You see a cool project, and your first though is robot voice control (as in Real Steel).


I actually asked for the new crescent wrench for Christmas. And got it. And named it. Is that weird?

EDIT: This baby:


When you have the urge to yell robot in the middle of a crowded hallway::safety::


You’re more excited about seeing your button haul from Worlds than you are about seeing your Halloween candy.


When, for a circuit design project, you make this:

circuit 001.jpg

circuit 001.jpg


… you waste $60 on FIRST merch at championships


To be fair, that is a pretty ratchet wrench.


You are at the clothing store wondering where all the long sleeve denim shirts are.


When ever you see your team number somewhere you have the urge to yell it out.
examples include the time,
in movies,
and readings for home work


You keep repeatedly rifling the refresh button on the team list to your off season so you can truly confirm that 1114 really signed up for your event.


When your team has become one of the cults of the school
When during those precious days after build season ends we have to ourselves, we meet up outside of the workshop because what else are we going to do with ourselves?
No matter where we go, there’s at least two of us together at any given time


When this is your 5000th post.


When your official position in the team that’s recognized by everyone in the team is Chief Delphi Browser.


Your math answer comes out to be a team number. You laugh, but none of your teammates are around and no one else understands your reference and instead everyone just thinks you’re insane for getting really excited about 1,124.
Essentially your entire team is going to prom together.
You cry when your mother doesn’t want you to stay for the entire Midnight Madness meeting.
You live for competitions.
You spend upwards of eighteen hours in the shop over the weekend and don’t mind one bit.
Your best friends are all team members and you could never live without any of them because robotics people are the best people.


When your browser auto fills “th” into


When you class people in two catergories: robo-nerds and losers.
When you leave your advisory hour every day to do robotics stuff.
When you consider Dean Kamen, Wood Flowers, and Frank to be the Holy Trinity of robotics.


When you start marking years by competitions.

Normal people: oh yeah, 2012, freshman year…

you: oh yeah, 2012, rebound rumble…


So true. I don’t naturally remember which year was senior year, but I know Logomotion was my last year in high school!