You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


When you use to make yourself a 3d printed bracelet with your team name and number on it.


You see a family buying pool noodles, and you think, “Naah, they’re not building a robot.”


This year, more applicable than ever!


When everytime you see the number 107 you freak out and yell your team’s once-in-a-day chant, “What time is it?! one-oh-seven!”


… you start looking at colleges based on robotics clubs.
… you know you’re gonna miss the competitions and building.
… after working on your robot, you go home and think about working on your robot.
… you suddenly have 500 extra points on your Subway rewards card.
… Subway freezes your rewards card after a “mysterious string of 8 purchases” (even though each purchase only added points…)
… you envy the sleeping.
… after a 43-hour day filled with 480+ miles (10+ hours) of driving solo, 4 hours of programming, all-night laser tag, and then 11 hours of driving a bot, you’d still rather be competing than sleeping.
… you register on a forum just to post what you love about FIRST :smiley:


When you see numbers and immediately know the team name and founding year.

When your entire family realizes that you are all in it for life.


When every one of those links in the New Tab Page of Chrome that are based on what pages you visit the most takes you to a different thread on Chief Delphi.


when even your dank memes are robotics related

happy 420 btw


You know you’re addicted to FIRST when instead of doing work in class you’re working on your logic for that nights programming.


When there’s absolutely no way you’re sleeping tonight because you’re leaving for St. Louis tomorrow morning.


… when your passcode to your phone is your team number


You buy gamepiece totes from AndyMark to take stuff to college… And gamepiece noodles just because.


It’s July, and in your SUV, you have ten pool noodles, half a dozen new AM wheels, a brand new cRIO, PDP, VRM and talon breakouts. There’s also blue and red burlap, a riveter, four boxes of rivets, a velcro strip that’s going to be used as a tennis ball conveyor belt, two 8’ lengths of one-by ripped to five inches wide, and a few other robotic odds and ends. You may also have about two cubic feet of pecan and 20’ length of open cell foam, but those are separate stories.

Oh, yeah - and a long-sleeve denim shirt and two pairs of safety glasses.


You might be addicted to FIRST when Google keeps suggesting you to set your work location to where you have team meetings.


You’re more concerned about getting blood on the robot than the fact that you just got hurt.


You see the sunset and the sunrise in the same build session


I go right to the shop from work on build nights, and a few days ago my phone (Droid Turbo), which automatically gives ETAs to/from home/work at the beginning and end of the day, gave me the ETA to “Home”…except it was routing me to the shop.


… you pull out the new radio and fangirl over the small size
… you spend more time with your team than your friends
… you start coming up with ideas of what to say for this thread


I knew I couldn’t be the only one!


you spam refresh here in hope to see 118’s robot reveal come up