You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


When You join Chief Delphi and you try to read every post.:eek:


. . . when you have nightmares of your division leader yelling that you forgot to save the banner design in Photoshop.


When someone says “Allen” and you think of the wrench set.


You walk into a hardware store and reflex attempt to put on safety glasses…

… or Sam’s Club … or Kroger … or any building, really.


When you’re still hanging around when Rotolo calls you old:


When you yell “6 points!” when you put a pool noodle in a cardboard box.


You look at you GPS and try to guess the team name from your altitude reading :slight_smile:


You accidentally go to church with your safety glasses on your head and don’t even realize it.


When you read through every page of this thread and laugh with every single post.


When your old coach tells you not to come to the team’s next competition because you don’t have money for a hotel room and you promise that you’ll sleep in your car if you have to


When you finally take your safety glasses off your head and it takes until the next day to stop feeling like you have safety glasses on your head.


When instead of doing work in class, you’re watching regional competition live streams.


When you stay up all night the night before the competition in a hotel bathroom working on autonomous programming, and, lacking pen and paper and not wanting to disturb the sleeping team members outside the bathroom, use a bar of soap and the bathroom mirror to write out equations and graphs to help with specs. Then you leave it there.

Our programmer did this.


When instead of doing work in class you are using Chief Delphi.


… your parents have a budget just for regionals.
… you’re at robotics more than home
… when you are home, you’re working on safety
… you only have friends on the team
… you come up with safety ideas in your dreams
… you eat mostly pizza and drink pop
… you actually convince to all of the teachers about putting posters up in their rooms
… robotics is all you can talk about
… you give all the members on the team animals that match their personalities
… you have good friends on 3+ other teams
… you recruit all of your friends


You graduated three years ago, and you’re still the most active member on here from your team. :rolleyes:

Your team refers to you as “The CalTran, from Chief Delphi.” followed by unnecessary fawning.


The first time, I thought it was a fluke. The second time, I realized it had to go on here:

…every time you come home from a competition, going over the railroad tracks in your car is what you imagine it’s like for a robot to go over the moat.


I do this too. (cough doing it now)


Totally a victim of both of these.


Although there is the one random taco on my team:)