You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


… you start blogging FRC memes
… you feel like you should yell at a team member who was gone from practice in the halls
… You get uber sensitive about a mistake in the coding
… you actually are helping with load in


When you notice that the current post number is your team number…


You say the following: “From Thursday to Saturday, I will live in the Stronghold. Do not disturb me.” (week 6 regional)
When you think about placing FRC announcements into the school announcements, such as “Driver’s meeting on the field in five minutes” and “Opening ceremonies start in 5 minutes. Match no. 1 starts right afterwards. If you are in match no. 1, you are needed at queuing NOW.”


You’re doing a research paper on Dean Kamen, and you start it on his birthday!


Lucky. What class is that for?


Your home router dies, taking you offline for 24 hours. When you return, there is a CD thread created in response to your post with over 90 responses.


You write a literal book on 101 ways to improve your team… the day after you fail to qualify for worlds.

You get visibly angry at the mention of “Battle Bots”

You spend an entire weekend CADDing an outreach robot. During the off season.

You bring up FIRST in every single conversation you have.

Chief Delphi is your homepage.

You seriously consider never getting a job and living in the machine shop to mentor the team forever.

Food becomes synonymous with Pizza, Mountain Dew, and gearbox grease.

You brag to non robotics friends about the speed with which you can rebuild a gearbox.

Most of your vocabulary is incomprehensible mechanic and FIRST jargon.

You buy a Lego Mindstorms set just to design ideas for drivtrains.

When asked to do something at home, you design a robot to do it for you rather than actually doing it.

You feel happier under build season stress than any other time.

You haven’t slept since January 8th, and won’t until May.

When someone says “cheesecake” you look for a climber mechanism, not a delicious treat.

You wear your team shirt more than any other article of clothing.

You consider quitting your job to spend more time with the team.

You have no friends outside of FIRST.

You know how to assemble a drive train in under 2 hours, but not how to talk to your fellow humans.

You are more used to the sound of power tools than silence.

If someone says the name Dean you seek them out with the unshakable resolve of an assassin to hear what they said about Dean.

you lack a knowledge of major news stories from during build season.

you wish you never had to leave the shop.


When you wished so badly that FIRSTwiki still existed that you spent two weekends putting some of its pieces back together.


…When you have too many buttons to keep in a large container
… When you start making the button making process an assembly line
… When The Blue Alliance takes up 1/2 of your data on your phone


… When reciting numbers aloud, you automatically pair digits up. Two thousand eight hundred eighty-three becomes twenty-eight-eighty-three, and must be delivered in a hoarse shout of support.


…When walking around you notice numbers like 254, 118, 1114, 71, 47, etc. and care way more than you should


…When you’re just as excited for the new year as everyone else, but for a different reason. Kickoff!


#thenumberoftimespeopleactuallysay"Oh? You mean like Battle Bots?"


When you find you’re in section 111 of the stands and jump with glee.
When you can’t stop doing the Macarena.
When there is a literal war between glitter or no glitter on your team.
When you actually somewhat know what the robot is doing.
When you’ve read through the admin and game manual fifty times.
When you’re too lazy to read other posts to determine whether or not what you’re saying has already been said.


… you realize the frc spyder app on your phone is no longer useful but you still don’t have the willpower to delete it.


This is me right now. I still have the FIRST Championship app on my phone from this year and don’t feel like deleting it. I catch myself sometimes opening it up to see if anything has changed or to see when the next conference is even though the season is now over.

… your friends ask you how worlds went but they don’t really care about the response you give them… (This has happened to me all week long so far…)


When you see a teammate also browsing chief delphi when they should be paying attention in class.


when your teammate replies to your post nagging you to pay attention in class when they too are browsing chief delphi.


…When Darude Sandstorm is the song your teammates want you to add to the playlist a million times. :rolleyes:


…your wardrobe solely consists of team shirts and you don’t know what to wear during off season.