You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


When Slack replaces all former methods of communication you have ever used solely because your team has awesome custom emoji.


Same here.

“So how was worlds? Do the robots fight like Battlebots?”

Then you futilely try to explain Stronghold to them as they exponentially lose interest. I’m just glad they’re asking though.


They’re great for traveling. My eventual goal is to have a tshirt from each general “region” so that I can fully embrace “When in Rome…”


…the driver of your team waits over 16 hours to upload an 8k robopromposal video for you.


You know youre addicted when you create an 8k video asking someone to roboprom instead of studying for AP tests.


Aww only 6 minutes apart.


When you see its 12:54 and The Chez Cakes comes to mind


You know you’re addicted to FIRST when you come up with clever scouting comments…


… you continue to make robotics related videos after the season is over


When you see any clock and the team that’s number matches the time comes to mind.


when you post on this thread and see that you’re page 118 and no one has mention robonauts

edit: and you realize after posting that you are now on page 119


When people post on this thread at 2 am.


When you finish the sneezon but keep improving the robot anyways.

When you screw up a concert band performance because you see a green light of a camera go off and think it’s a vision tracker


I can make 3:50. So Hardcore:P spent the last hour re-watching matches from worlds on TBA


When you count in team names.


–when you forget your safety glasses on your head.
–All 3 and 4 digit numbers are team numbers.
–all of your social media recommendations are for FRC teams.
–you expect to hear the FMS sounds when people announce “30 seconds!” (even during exams)

–“first” autocorrects to “FIRST” on your phone.


When you walk into a crowded room and become momentarily worried because you can’t find your safety glasses.


When you keep wearing side shields even when not at meetings.


… When you are in Honduras on a mission trip, and freak out (sort of to yourself, sort of out loud) about seeing a cab… numbered 1114!


Your Pokemon Go username is your CD username and all of your Pokemon are named the team corresponding to their CP.