You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


When you put the same amount of effort into trying to figure out your class schedule two weeks early as you did attempting to decode “9328490238209”


You spend a day of your weekend discussing the attributes of pockets in women’s clothing on the Internet…


You see an xkcd comic that refers to mecanum wheels as omni wheels and it hurts.


You then proceed to read all of the comics with numbers corresponding to your friend’s teams.


You’re bored so you add 25 photos to The Blue Alliance.


You procrastinate on your homework by researching things for your team, and eventually go down a rabbit hole of “oh what can this thing (which isn’t related to what you are originally searching) do” for hours.


Second to last one is amazing:) :slight_smile:


You drive almost 200 miles to volunteer at an offseason event your team isn’t at.


You read FTC as FIRST Tech Challenge AND the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, before you even think about the Federal Trade Commission.


When you had a full day, then an all night laser tag party, then an academic decathlon competition and still go to robotics (basically no sleep for 48 hours)


…when this thread is the only way you stay awake in class

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…you’re seriously considering buying an Xbox just to play a 4 year old FRC simulation game.


… … …
-When you get a new backpack to fit your school laptop and your cad laptop
-When you are willing to stay after school from 2pm-4pm for robotics to start then end at 8pm
-When you start use your “free time” to work on cad projects instead of doing something fun
-When you wonder why the chief delphi smilies aren’t on ios/android yet
-When you become interested in the idea of MIT making robots to play football for them
-When you drop out of the school swim team because it takes place during build season
-When you spend more time with your robotics team than your family, friends, and significant other


You’re legitimately thinking about flying over 2,000 miles to volunteer at an offseason event.


Holy cow, which event?


this is what you consider a “good meme”

(driver station)


You know you’re addicted to FIRST when your first reaction to Donald Trumps immigration executive order is to figure out whether it effects any FRC teams.


Beantown Blitz, mainly cause it seems super chill, the timing works, and I like visiting the Boston area. Not to mention I can probably pass it off as a conveniently scheduled college visit trip :stuck_out_tongue:


you know you’re addicted to first when…

  • you’re getting a team-related tattoo
  • you think about going to robotics all day
  • you dream of competition
  • Robotics is the only thing getting you up on Saturdays.


When your “friends” joke that your programming computer is your “wife”.