You know you're addicted to FIRST when...


When your psychology teacher asks the class to define autonomous, and you really want to answer “The first 15 second of a match where robots move while receiving no human input.”… Yeah, that was me yesterday…


You keep saying WPILib as “WIP Lib”

You make a vaporwave theme remix of Steamworks because memes

You want to be a mentor so you can develop a general purpose library/port WPILib to a different language/etc without having to worry about a build season.



When Google auto fills “h” into https://www.cheifdelphi/forums and https://


just flip the wrench


… if something electronic isn’t working, your first thought is to ask about the magic smoke.


…your friend asks you for The Sims and you pass him a CIMS


… your first thought when asked about broken electronics is to ask if the magic smoke was let out.


… 5 hours of sleep cause of robotics
… when you’re so dead on the inside anything makes you laugh
… Realize Monster Energy Drinks are amazing
… You do not see your parents for six weeks
… only think you look up or talk about is robotics


-You have a special bag for your side shields
-You dont even need said bag because half the time you just wear side shields to school
-You carry a purse, but all that’s in it is pencils and and wrenches
-You feel empty inside when you don’t go to the shop directly after school
-Whenever you write answers on the board in class you make it a point to use your team’s colors
-Your entire Spanish class just facepalms when they see you wrote your answer in team colors
-You can name every FIRST team you’ve been on in the past 6 years
-You realize that by the time you graduate you will have been a firster for over half your life


-Half the things you own are blue, to match team colors.
-Your phone auto corrects “robotics” to “robitics” after an overly used inside joke that wasn’t even from your team.
-You compare any menial task that still needs to be done to boiler scouting
-Most of your texts consist of “look at this video of our robot doing the thing”
-The presentation script comes more naturally than the lyrics to YMCA.
-You always do the FRC version of Cotten Eye Joe


…you contemplate how much supplies you can fit with yourself in the bag and if it will make it to your first comp


The new guy at burger king knows you by name even though he started a few days ago.


… constantly checking rankings every fifteen minutes because you’re worried if you’re gonna qualify for state or not this year
… you willingly make yourself scout without any breaks for the entire day
… your most visited website is the blue alliance
… you watch streams every week, even if you don’t know any of the teams
… you own at least five portable chargers and an uncountable amount of cords
… caffeine has never tasted so good
… the only reason you’re excited to go back to the hotel is because there is a pool there
… competitions are honestly one of your favorite things ever and you get so excited to go to one
… you have a bagged and labeled collection of all your buttons and bracelets


…you look forward to going to physics because the trashcan says 254 on it.
…you only wear FRC shirts to school.
…your friends don’t bother talking to you in class because you’re on CD.
…you’re more excited that its 2:54 PM because its the Cheesy Poofs number than because it’s the time you get home.
…you cut yourself at home and wonder where the safety report forms are.


So back in January this was a semi-joke. Now, I’m actually doing it :ahh:!


When you have something like 20 pairs of safety glasses on your desk at home.


…you start talking about butterfly drive in your sleep (freaked everyone in the room out)
…you have watched 118’s 2011 reveal video for the 5th time in 6 hours
…you already know spring-related math that’s being taugh in physics because you were paying waaaaay too much attention during build season 2k16
…you stopped typing a response to watch that 118 video again. I have a problem :smiley:


Yes, always know where your safety glasses are! But on thirty Altairian Dollars a day, you aren’t going to build up that sort of cache without taking someone else’s glasses. Put 'em in a box and bring 'em back where they belong!

And … you’ve thought of an FRC drive you’re 99.99% sure has never been used, and are building a prototype at home on your own nickel (though at FTC scale) to see if it works. (If it works, I’ll call it the roto-shifter.)


When you ask your boss about the “regolith” on the restaraunt walls and that’s when you figure out its name isn’t actually regolith. -Me 5 minutes ago.


You relate every single number you see to a team. I literally do it over 30 times a day at least
EX. Table number 16 at the restaurant = Bomb Squad confirmed. :cool: