You know you're addicted to FIRST when...




When Chief Delphi becomes your go-to when you’re bored.


When you get stuck in traffic behind a trick with license plate 661416, and before traffic clears, you notice that it’s evenly divisible by 3937, Breakaway.


I legitimately bought a box of 12 safety glasses because I’ve lost so many.


When you listen to “25 or 6 to 4”, hear “25 or 624”, and immediately think of the arguments of having Raider Robotix in an alliance or CRyptonite in an alliance (considering 2016).


When your “romantic twentieth anniversary weekend” plans involve IRI.


In your free time watch robot reveals non-stop…


When you realize that the only day in the past year you received no e-mails at all was when BOTH of your team captains were on vacation (and without internet access) at the same time! Seriously, I didn’t know what to do with myself last week!


Waking up at 4:30AM isn’t half that bad after the first competition of a season
You talk and show everyone at school or relatives everything your team did
You hear more “I really don’t care” than “is it like battle bots?”
Water bottles become your best friend at comps.
You finally can remember other team numbers
You would rather just work at FIRST because you’ve volunteered there so much and know the people well
You like volunteering at comps.

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You know you’re addicted to FIRST when you see this:
…and think, “Hahaha! That’s real cute.”


When you go shopping for food and do not realize that you are wearing safety glasses until you return to the shop. It explains why everyone looked at me funny…

Or when you find a few broken staples in your bumper so you feel all over it to find any others and your hands looked like you rubbed broken glass and sand paper all over it. Don’t worry, I was fine, just had to put several bandaids on it. And my brother who did the same as me was Safety Captain, I wonder why we haven’t gotten any safety awards…


When we don’t have enough time or money to build a moat so your captain jokes and tells you to lie down and be the moat and you actually lie down… don’t worry, I was told to get up because if the robot ran me over then it could damage the robot :smiley:


When you want to bring your robot to prom. Not me but during my team’s first year, a girl on our team wanted to bring the robot to prom. We for some reason decided to name the robot after her boyfriend, Henry. 3 years later I joked and asked our robot while it was turned off if it wanted to go to prom with me. I joked and took it’s silence as a no.


oh no… I just did this. :frowning:


Your car won’t start in your garage, and your car charger is broken, so you grab your robot battery charger and borrow an SB50 to auto test clip converter from your son’s room. An hour later, the car starts.


You check Chief Delphi every 5 minutes. (me)


Eh, I can one up that with using a chrome page refresher extension so I can just click in every now and then.


Or when you work at a thrift store and hope that an FRC team got high and decided to donate a robot. I always hope something like that happens.
Or when ALL of your coworkers who have never met your team knows your team by name and number


…you eat pizza and subs for breakfast, lunch and dinner at the workshop
…you work from 5 in the morning to 5 in the next morning
…you buy groceries while still wearing safety glasses because it is becomes so natural to wear them, you forget they are there
…you beg everyone at your school to join
…you ask your robot to prom
…you run out of wood to build the moat so you lie down so you are the moat. Then the captain says “Adam, we can’t run you over! It will damage the robot!”
…you spend more time at the workshop everyday then at school
…everyone has a nickname


when you use the teams jig saw blade to cut lunch sandwiches at competition
when your teams batteries have names… political names