You know you're addicted to FIRST when...



That never happened… there’s no video, and no pictures… and I would never use a jigsaw blade. I cannot comment on the use or non-use of a (new, unused) hacksaw blade, however.


… You have so many event shirts that you start using them as rags.
… It is difficult to find a non-robotics shirt.
… When all of your vacation time for the entire year is dedicated to FIRST events.


…you make a CD account in September of your freshman year of FRC.
…your teammates tell you that they see your posts on CD all the time. (hi, guys!)
…there literally is not an FRC event without a team you recognize.
…CD smilies are the only emojis you ever use.
…you are the best necromancer. (4 weeks, 6 days, 14 hours, and 18 minutes since last post on this thread)


When you can wrap presents better than the rest of your friends and family because you are put on bumper duty each year.


You post the news of AndyMark’s new digs on your team slack account for the masses who do not follow Chief Delphi. And then you go into the history of AndyMark, including a special callout to a team member who misses several build sessions each year so he can attend pig shows, noting that Andy raised pigs before he made robot parts for the masses.

And OBTW, it’s little things like this that make mentoring worthwhile! (And OBTW, our budding pig farmer is also our bumper guy!)


…you follow mostly FIRST teams on social media.


As an Alumni, during competition watching robotics all day Saturday and Sunday on the television. Not allowing anyone to change the channel.


You spend more time on chief delphi and the blue alliance then working on stuff for school


While hiking at Sleeping Giant State Park & also eating dinner with good friends (who are not into FIRST) checking & boasting the scores of your team.


You convince to bring the team bot to the summer camp you work at for five weeks to help teach scouts the robotics merit badge.


My life right now


When you use your team Instagram more than your own Instagram.


You use Chief Delphi in class when you’re supposed to be writing a 7 page essay :slight_smile:


You may or may not have chosen which colleges to apply to based on whether they mentor an FRC team or not.


I talk about robotics non-stop to recruit people too, but I think that’s why I’m down to having one friend…


-Chief Delphi is your most used social media
-You have a list of your top 5 favorite engineers, but can’t name 5 football players
-You didn’t do your homework because you were busy building a robot
-You spend more time at robotics than you do at home
-You haven’t slept in 6 weeks…


You ask your boyfriend for side shields for Christmas… And he gets them no questions asks because he knows immediately why


When you use your study hall for looking at the manual and robot in 3 days videos