You know you're from Michigan when ...

You know your from Michigan When…

You can use your hand as a map.
The are only two seasons: Winter and Construction.
You think the state tree is the Orange Construction Barrel.

  1. The day of the MSU/U of M game, at least one person from the family gets disowned
  2. You can throw an octopus in Joe Louis Arena and not get in trouble
  3. It can be 80 degrees one day, and 20 the other (this has happened at least… 1, 2, 3… 10… 20? times this year)

up there ^

…you used to live in Flint, before GM laid off everyone.

Watch ‘Roger and Me’.


  1. There are 6 robotics teams in a 3-mile radius =D
  2. You can also make a jughandle (a.k.a. a Michigan left)
  3. You live within 30 minutes of some kinds of automobile headquarters/manufacturing plants
  4. You find yourself saying “Eh?” because of the amount of contact you’ve had with the Canadians
  5. You know that Mackinac is, in fact, not pronounced “Ma-ki-nak”
  6. You go up north solely for the fudge
  7. You’ve been to Hell (the city, that is)
  8. You don’t have to take a plane to visit Holland or Bavaria
  9. There is an abundance of deer crossing signs
  1. You are annoyed of the non-michiganders driving at the speed limit (some poll found that michigan had the rudest and pushiest drivers. state pride?)
  2. You know at least 3 people with relations to the big three (US ones)
  3. You’ve been to Chicago and Toronto at least once in your life, usually more.
  4. Canada is to the east, south, and occasionally north.
  5. “Up north” refers to sitting in a cottage for a weekend, many times during a year.
  6. Almost all the schools in the metro area know of FIRST

proud to be Michiganian

You know the The Henry Ford" was once known as Greenfield Village and have been there more times than you know of.

You’ve been to every Great Lake at least once.

You know that the state nickname thw Wolverine State is out of place because no live wolverines have been found in the wild in Michigan.

You know what the Edmund Fitzgerald is.

You know the truth about Mackinac Island: There are cars on the island (3 to be precise.

… your state’s thread is the only one spelled with “your” instead of “you’re”.

… when the moderator is from that state, and can fix bad grammar.

When the moderator from that state gives you terrible, stupid Michigan Left directions.

I hate Michigan Lefts. UGH. It’s called a stoplight, people. Use it correctly.

When you know that next year during FIRST, California sure ain’t gonna be the state with the most teams :slight_smile:

When you just get tired of avoiding potholes and get a jacked-up SUV
When you look forward to going to Canada :wink:
When you see prototype vehicles on just about every corner
When you cancel everything you had planned for any U of M/MSU game
When you see a whole car engulfed in a pothole :eek:

Untrue! Just recently one was found up in the thumb! :ahh:

…you know that there is also a song by that name, and you can sing it. (Used to know it in elementary school, when our whole class had to sing it at an assembly!) :eek: