You know you're in FIM when...

Stolen from MAR :wink:

Fill in the line:

You know you’re in FIM when _______.

You know you’re in FIM when cyclers bots that could have easily won other regionals don’t get selected for Elims.

You know you’re in FiM when you listen for Tom’s “pwshwhsuwhsushs” before the scores go up on screen :smiley:

You know your in FiM when:

-You don’t have to take pictures of your robot because Dan Ernst has it covered. (Thanks Dan!)

-You don’t have to take video of your robot because thats covered too. (Thanks Clint/2337!)
–Don’t forget the amazing television coverage. (2011, 2012, and live 2013.)

-You don’t always have to win to advance. (Just try your best)

-Teams always try to make each other better (One recent example.)

:] , Bryan

You know you are in FIM when your alliance scores 181 points in a qualification match and you still lose by 5. Then in the quarter finals you score 180 and lose by 10.

Yeah, what he said.

MSC was crazy!

-when the average qualifier losing score is higher than the average winning score at every other regional or district event
-when you see an alliance with 70 climb points and they still don’t win
-when this can happen…
(thanks to Las Guerillas and The Thunderchickens for making this possible.)
Did this happen again anywhere else in the world?

The perfect autonomous was the highlight of my season. I saw it live on the broadcast and then replayed over and over, and it was glorious.

-Your FTAs have an event each week and are still alive by the end of the season
-Tom Nader. (“and time expires on our heros today…”)
-You don’t have to wait until CMP to hear Dave Verbrugge

-You pioneer the future of FIRST organization with the District System.

2959 comes to mind here. They were a division finalist though.

-When you have 7 events that are about 1 hour from your house
-When the volunteers at MSC all have superhero names
-When guys like Koko Ed drive all the way to Michigan just to see us play, along with the numerous others.
-You build relationships with other teams, students, mentors, photographers and volunteers, to create an overall better experience for everyone.

Since at least 2002 (probably before as well) there has been at least 1, many times more, teams on Einstein.
Theres 12 events in 1 state.
You have 2 HoF teams and 4 Woodie Flowers Winners.

This. My team had him at all 3 of our events this year. (Traverse City, Livonia, MSC). So much awesome. (yay red alliance red alliance yay!!)

You know you’re in FIM when…

-you have 7 events, all of them over 7 hours from your house
-when you drive past Milwaukee and Chicago (which have events) to get to your second district
-a team (217) cannot get out of semifinals in any district, only to win MSC and be finalist on Newton
-every event, even MSC, has 12 qualification matches

  • When the hours after the events are spent playing a life-size 3-D version of Tetris, where the field components are the blocks and the trailer is the playing space
  • When you hear the Turbo Hustle at least once
  • When teams with "3"s in their team number trade “3” spirit signs during the events
  • When you get a fun fact every time a field fault occurs

When the District Chairman’s Award Winners get more recognition and space at MSC, then the Hall of Fame teams get at the CMP.

When the only way you finally got your teachers to go to an FRC event was by bringing an FRC event to your HS.


When the two alliances facing off in the finals have a cumulative total of 59 blue banners between them…

You know you’re in Canada when 1114 and 2056 have 52 banners between them (and have been Canadian winners & one finalist since 2007). :rolleyes:

I would definitely enjoy reading a thread like this about Canada FIRST! You should start one.