You know you're in MAR when...

I felt like starting this game. Go ahead and fill in the line:

You know you’re in MAR when _______.

I’ll start.

You know you’re in MAR when the big offseason of your area has more teams than the district events.

To be fair, Monty is actually smaller than Bridgewater (42 to 43).

You know you’re in MAR when you follow a wallet on Twitter. Ok, I don’t actually have a Twitter account, but I read them anyway.

And started with a wait-list of 10 teams.

You know your in MAR when a team who won a district as the number 1 seed does not get selected for eliminations at District Championships. :ahh:

The fact that this happened is absolutely nuts!

Corollary: You know you’re in MAR when the second-to-last Worlds qualifier captains an alliance to Einstein. :wink:

The total blue banners earned this season among just the six teams in the finals at District champs was twelve

Seven. :smiley:

You know you’re in MAR when you’ve hit a team density of 4 per square mile.

By my count - 2590 (3) 2729 (3) 1640 (2) vs 11 (3) 222 (1) 1403 (0)

Oh, wait I meant including the banners for winning the district champs themselves and 1640’s Newton banner. Without these, it would in fact be 7

Edit* : When 3 out of the 6 chairman’s teams are on the finals of district champs and none of them wins either chairman’s award. :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit2*: Nevermind, I misinterpreted “Seven” to mean seven banners, forgetting about the incident with 222 and 1370.

He meant 7 teams played in the finals. 1370 was the 7th.

Oh I had completely forgotten about that…Makes sense considering I’m horrible at math and there were actually 8 banners (not 7) excluding the district champs and St Louis banners :o

But how about: You know you’re in MAR when 1640 wins district champs back to back, 341 wins both Hatboro and Chestnut Hill back to back, and 222 wins Mt. Olive back to back.

You Know your in MAR when your frame is bent and has stress cracks.

The possibilities of what us Michiganders would say in a similar thread are now running through my head. :smiley:

You know your in mar when you can have a losing score of 171 in the finals.

You know you’re in MAR when stress cracks in your welded frame are making your robot perform better.

… you get 18 matches for the same money as a regional

… your fans are closer to your robot than the drive team

… you fed yourself and two future roboters lunch for less than $25

… the pit people have safety glasses at the door and recommend you see all the pits. And the teams in the pits want to talk to you.

… you meet Don Bowers at the door and say “Wow, look at this” and he goes “Yea, I never though it would be this great” Talk about upping your game, your reach and inspiration!!!

… FIM teams look at you with respect :rolleyes:

What’s a few bends & stress cracks amongst friends?

You know you’re in MAR when… the scoreboards at the regional championship venue show not only what match is currently playing but what match is being queued as well.

^That was an amazing idea by the way. +1 for MAR :smiley:

You know you’re in MAR when the exact same alliance is in the finals at two different events.

Win one, lose one.

You know you’re in MAR when robots get more damage from getting defended than from falling off the top rung of the pyramid.

You know you’re in MAR when you and a teammate visiting a district(AKA visiting a competition only 30 minutes away :smiley: ) cheer loud enough in a small venue when the rookie team you mentor is selected in alliance selections that everybody in the room turns and stares at you…

Actually Don, this almost happened twice. 1676, 3314, and 714 were finalists at Mt. Olive and winners at Bridgewater-Raritan, but as shown in dheerm’s signature, 224, 56, and 293 won TCNJ and were also together for the MAR Championship eliminations, where they were quarterfinalists. Only in MAR ;).