You know you've been in the shop too long during week 6 if...

Anyone mind a sequel to a popular thread from near ship date last year? (Sorry to be somewhat repetitive to the other “You know you’ve had too much FIRST” threads.) I’ll get it started:

You know you’ve been in the shop too long during week 6 if…

…you have resorted to cutting entire modules, fully assembled, on the bandsaw.

…you have said, “only two of the holes really need to be aligned, right.”

…the janitors/security guards ask you to lock up.

…you start using euphemisms like “minor tweaking” and “slightly misaligned” to make finishing on time sound more feasible.

…(for the Northeast/Midwest) you ride out a winter storm in the shop because it’s easier than going home and coming back.

…(for the college students) you start wondering if your professors miss you, then find solace in the fact that they probably don’t even know your name.

when you start to compare an embroidery machine to a mill.

when your CEO’s basments becomes a shop because the custodians have sneaked you in, but now want you out.

When you contemplate just bringing a bed.

When you wonder how many people could correctly guess the weight you’ve shaved off the robot in swiss cheese holes.

When you start referring to the shop as home.

When tubes become your bed of choice.

When food that’s not pizza just doesn’t seem like food.

When you feel like you’re sitting on a tube even when you aren’t, because you’ve been sitting in one for so long.

When you contemplate sleeping on the floor (yeah we build in a corncrib)

When you can accurately predict the size of a drillbit down to the /64

When you start making ruler marks on your arm cuz you can never find a tape measure

When you’ve totally memorized the entire game manual & can refer to specific rules by number

when the janitors offer you a cot
when all of your meals have been eaten in school
when you realize you left a really important part in your pants yesterday, only to realize you are saved because you didn’t go home yesterday and are still wearing the same cloths

When your pants begin to sag, and it’s not a fashion statement (assortment of screws, tools, zip-ties, and odd metal cutoffs).

when you put a pair of safety glasses on a hand saw and yell "I MADE A “SEE-SAW” (i’ll post a pic sometime)

When you carry multiple pairs of safety glasses in your truck

When you forget what time it really gets dark outside

When you forget what its like to be outside in the sunlight

When you have been working in a freezing warehouse all day and then walk outside to 35F temps and think about wearing shorts

If your stomach growls and you think it’s your cell phone vibrating, and get mad that you can’t find it

^ one of our mentors

At least your cell phones work in your shop, ours don’t. Steel walls.

when you did bring a bed to the lab
when you add 3 hours to the number you slept for every can of Jolt you’ve had
when you’ve slept for 3, no… 18 hours.
when the freshmen on the team start insisting that the seniors (me) eat something other than just chips.
when you consider using a drill press to make swiss cheese to be relaxing.
when you forget that pizza doesn’t usually have aluminum in it.
when you’ve run out of bolts, but have enough lying on the ground to get you through the week.
when cardboard boxes never looked like such a good bed before.
when you’ve put in enough hours over the past two days alone to meet the minimum to go travel with the team to competition.
when you only dream of sleeping.


when people start getting personal mail there
when the owners know each one of you by name
when you drink 2 monsters at 3am and promptly fall asleep
when you can built a full-size model of the robot using Mt Dew cans
when the owner starts complaining about the ruts in the cement
when your car drives itself to the gas station, buys 2 Red Bulls, 5 Mt Dews, and drives to the shop on it’s own.

When You cut a sigma F (sum of the forces) sign with your band saw and one of your teamates decides to wear it for Blingage

when your head mentor/teacher sleeps on a table across the hall in the graphics lab.

when the new members (freshmen), and some of the veterans, are yelling at you to get out of the shop because there waiting for you to eat… again

when you cant tell if you washed your hands or not, because they have turned black with silver specks

and you now you’ve spent to much time in the shop when you start a thread like this one

When you find special significance in the time “10:32”

when you know every single person at dunkin donuts
when you know exactly how to get to 6.66 on the cash register at dunkin donuts
when you can name every home depot within 30 minutes including times open and closed
when you know the guys at homedepot on a first name basis
you’ve seen your robot more than your own mother father brother and sister combined
when you made a song about going to 7-11

when second cup agrees to sponsor your team through free coffee [no lie]
when going home and coming back makes you late for class
when you put your practice rack in a teachers parking spot as a prank
when you can barely see the floor through the pizza boxes

When your mother asks you when you’re coming home and your response is ‘tomorrow’
When you have Home Depot on speed-dial
When you accidentally mix up your English paper and your Chairman’s submission but are willing to take the late if he edits it for you