You know you've been in the shop too long this weekend if:

  • You have been wearing more or less the same clothes to the shop for days.

  • You feel like you are wearing safety glasses for hours after your take them off.

  • Coffee, Donuts, Soda, Pizza, Repeat.

  • You bring the robot to Home Depot to test parts in the parking lot.

  • Your non-FIRST friends call you to make sure you are still alive.

  • You have uttered some choice four-letter words at the IFI Loader.

  • At the end of the night, your sixth sense guides you to ihop without written directions.

  • At ihop, you hear the cappuccino machine and look over to see who is using the dremel.

add your own last-minute build experiences! :slight_smile:

you start singing to the drillpress
then you start singing harmony WITH the drill press!

you have to look at your watch to figure out what DAY it is!

when things that remind you of the ship deadline start to dissappear (such as Clocks Calendars and mainly anything that may pair up to creating a date & time)

You know you’ve been in the shop too long this weekend if:

You think the platform makes an incredibly comfortable bed

You have gaps of time you can’t account for.

Really bad ideas start to sound really good.

People in the shop no longer have a filter.

You learn that Red Bull doesn’t freeze after being in 15 degree weather for 5 hours.

The Police show up to find out why there are cars at the high school at 5AM and the first thing you ask them is to borrow their radar gun. <–Really happened Friday!

Coming Soon: A time lapse of the last 48 hour of the Bobcat Robotics build.

when instead of using ice to help someone’s face (of which a ball was harshly slammed into) you use a frozen mountain dew

When at 1AM someone suggests that we’ll have to make a change “tomorrow” and someone else immediately says “It already is tomorrow.”

When you confuse last night and last week.

When all your programming starts to say “I Love You”

When Poof Balls start floatng around your head.

When coffee becomes your Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

When your mentor can actually find something**—True Story!!!**

more to come…

For kicks, you open up a box of poof balls to break up the lidless eyes

The computer lab is your only break

The sound of video makes you wonder what the freshmen are doing to the poor robot.

The snaps of static from the frame don’t phase you anymore.


When your break is studying for a Psych test

The 30yo couch in the student center is your bed for a few hours

Quake 3 on highest volume doesn’t hurt your ears

and then the martians in your eyes dance around with the avatars on my screen.

Right on, John.

Doesn’t phase me in the least anymore. I laugh when others jump.

When the team leader asks what the mentors want for dinner and one of them answers a number without knowing what meal he’s asking for. (TODAY!)

When you fight over the battery operated hand drill, one group wants it to pack the robot, the other to finish building the battery charging station. (TONIGHT!, about 11pm)

When you’ve developed the habit of touching something else metal before touching the robot! (UGH! Every Day!) :mad:

when you get home and your parents ask “who are you and what are yo doing in my house?”

when the programmers decide to get craftier with the sensors

when the drivers decide to get more creative in their driving

if your bot looks like a shopping cart and so you take it to a grocery store(our teacher said just because the prototype bot looks like the shoppping cart of doom, it doesn’t mean we’re going to use it to go shopping. We almost took it to McDonalds across the street in so that we could have dinner with the bot outside the shop)

when you pass out on a bentch becouse it looks oh so comfertabel

ehrn you yypr eiyh yout ginhrtd ogg yhr kryd snf fony rbrn noyivr@

When someone hands you a box of cupcakes and you’re more interested in the box and how it can be cut up and used on the robot

  • When your looking for soda and you ask “where is the syntax”
  • When you ask someone to press the Printf button wanting to program the robot
  • When wanting a screw driver you ask someone to pass the fork

All of the static shocks that keep happening either numbs your fingers or you just don’t notice them anymore.

Somehow convince yourself that the robot won’t work so you’re forced to work harder.

When you have no preception of what time is anymore…you will work for hours on end and not even realize it.

the students from buzz would have to say…
-when you went to grab your bottle of coke…you instead picked up the methyl ethel bad stuff…and almost drank that until you realized coke doesn’t smell like pure death :rolleyes:
-every parent has stopped by with some form of “food” (baked goods)
-when you fall asleep in the teachers lounge…more than once
-when human player practice turns into an all out game of dodge ball…but you just keep pegging one person
-when you start making up songs that fit the mood like: “there’s so much hostility…and our robot has no capabilities”
-when more than one alumni comes back and is not surprised to see that the robot is in shambles
-when onomatopoeias start making sense when you’re asking for a certain size drill bit
-when you get so frustrated that you call the Greek kid on the team Poseidon because he’s doing something wrong
-you don’t see daylight
-weather doesn’t matter
-weather doesn’t exist
-you spend more time at school…than you do at home
-the janitors know you better than your own parents
-you called a janitor mom or dad
-you have time lapses
-your dog doesn’t recognize you anymore
-your own family doesn’t recognize you anymore
-there’s no such thing as a curfew
-you don’t realize you have about a foot’s worth of PVC shaving on your shoulder for about an hour after you’ve done it…and it’s more than one person…and they’re all staring at each other
-you’re sick of pizza
-you can use the lathe without really paying attention to it
-you go through about a dozen or so band saw blades a day…and you think it’s not a problem
-stopping the milling machine turns into the worlds best game
-when 8 people at 10:30 in the morning the day before ship have nothing better to do than this…and the robot is nowhere near done…you know you’ve been in the shop too long

:slight_smile: see you all at competition…if we’re still alive

-When more than half you mentors have a fever of over 100 and they still show up at the scrimmage