You know you've overdosed on FIRST when...

So since the FRC championship competition in Atlanta this past weekend, i’ve been insanely tired/hooked on FIRST. The product of both of those, combined with a really boring spanish class, have produced a list of things that prove how much of our mind FIRST really occupies… and yes i have done about half the things on the list. Haha, i hope you enjoy:

You know you’ve overdosed on FIRST when…

-Cheers from the competition accidentally slip into normal conversation
-Every time you see a helicopter you think “Dean Kamen is my hero”
-You swear you hear people cheering “Blue Alliance” in the middle of lunch
-You come home with a suit of armor made out of buttons from random teams.
-Every time you hear a whistle you think about switching to offense
-Every time you hear “FIRST” you proudly show off the finale party wristband… which you still have on your wrist.
-When you watch basketball on T.V. you could swear you saw a green light on the backboard
-When your parents call you up for dinner, you whip out your phone to text your friends to ask when they want to meet at the CNN tower.
-When you see people in a group wearing shirts of a similar color, you wonder what team they are.
-When you hear people go “Awwwwwwwwwww” you look for the toppled robot.
-You type “FIRST” into google just to see it appear on the top of the list.
-Upon your return home you try and convince your entire group of friends to join FIRST
-90% of the words out of your mouth are inside jokes from the trip to Atlanta
-You wait on the bottom step on a flight of stairs wondering why the escalator isn’t working.
-You carry a pair of safety glasses on you at all times… in everyday life.
-You come home and write a thread on Chief Delphi about knowing when you’ve overdoesed on FIRST robotics.

If anyone has any of their own they want to add, post them here so we can all get a good laugh. FIRST robotics FTW!

you try to make a shopping cart that will automatically go up stairs?

hahahaha hmmm that could be done >.>

-When you cry, not that you didn’t get to Quarter Finals, but that the Season’s over.
-When brought three pairs of safty glasses, and lost two.
-When you see a wheel chair you think of Dean.
-When you plan on NEVER taking that wristband off till it falls off.

How about one I personally experienced:

  • When you didn’t go to Atlanta, but think that getting sick all three days was a sign you were supposed to watch attentively at all times. :stuck_out_tongue:

You know you’re overdosed with FIRST when…

… You leave the wrap party early to go to your hotel and hypothesize about multi-color cathodes.
… You don’t make it to school on Monday after the championship because you’re too busy catching up on four days worth of missed sleep
… You know everyone should wear safety goggles at all times and refrain from open toed shoes. The big green Safety Captain button on your shirt you still wear constantly reminds you.
… Your suitcase weighs at least 5 pounds heavier on the way home from all those t-shirts you bought and got for free
… You want to complete a Hooters shirt line up for each robotics season: one bought at every hooters at each the competitions you’ve been to.
… If you’re pit crew: You hate anyone who has the nerve to say “My butt hurts, I’ve been sitting in the stands all day”
… If you’re in the stands: You hate anyone who has the nerve to say “My Legs hurt, I haven’t sat down all day”

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[quote=KRoth] Your suitcase weighs at least 5 pounds heavier on the way home from all those t-shirts you bought and got for free

…When you can’t shup up about robotics…
…You’re already planning stuff for next year…
…you didn’t cry because you didn’t win, you cried for the team that DID win…
…you lost your voice screaming for the other teams…
…you were jumping up and down because you got to talk to woodie flowers…
…you painted half your head your team color and the other half your favorite teams color (yay 503 frog force the hot team luvs you!!!)…
…your starting to get used to sleeping in the aisle ways of buses…
…you are going thru elevator withdrawrel…
…you decorated your lamp with buttons…
…your team is going to have at least 20 noobs that you recruited…
…you start refering to people from team numbers “that kid from 33” and your friends look confused. then you say “that kid from the killer bees” and they still look confused. then you say “hes a guy from robotics” and a look of dawning recognition comes over their faces and you walk away shaking your head…


the first thing i did when i got home was to type in FIRST into google, to see if they were really serious
i also did it in yahoo and was very disappointed that FIRST was SECOND

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…When you’re still wearing the awesome tie dyed sweatband you got from 88 that you haven’t taken off except to shower.
…When your wrap party wrist band was lovingly cut off so it wouldn’t get damaged and you could save it.
…When you spent today sleeping in more than one class.
…When you told every single person you talked to a story from Atlanta.
…When you have a countdown on your myspace already until next year’s kick-off.
…When you spent 2 1/2 hours on the ride home making plans for the off-season and for next year.
…When you’re posting on this thread regardless of the fact that you have a 10 page paper due tomorrow that you haven’t finished, plus make-up work.
…When you get to school and immediately, from a teammate, hear how long it is until kick-off…to the second.
…When several teammates post this information on your team website during school.
…When you realize you have four internet windows up right now: the FIRST website, ChiefDelphi, and two e-mail windows…and both e-mails are to people on FIRST teams you met at competitions.
…When you see three championship sweatshirts and one t-shirt at school, and another team member says hers was dirty or she’d have worn it…and you only have 7 people from your school on the team.

…When you set your alarm early on the Monday after Championship, just so you can beat the other teams to Dunkin Donuts.

…when you think you can never overdose on FIRST!

-when you get back to school and realize you have hours of homework to make up, however, you would never trade the championship experience for anything else.

–When you walk back into school on Monday and realize how dull and quiet everything is…and how no one at school will ever REALLY understand where you’ve been for the past few days.

that and…

–When you are constantly crying or tearing up (and believe me this is not an exaggeration) because you realize the best thing that ever happened to you in HS is coming to a close and just a wave of depression hits you.

I <3 MORT and robotics for LIFE.

YTou know you are overdose to first when you start threads that have been in the chit chat section for a while now.

-You swear you hear people cheering “Blue Alliance” in the middle of lunch

You actually do hear people cheering blue alliance(they are watching a tape from nats)

you run up to random people standing in front of them, then you bump into them knocking them over, and run up a a flight of stairs until you hear a buzzer

–You are more excited about upcoming off season events than you are about the fact that you won the championship

–You are sad because you’re not sure what you’re going to do with all your spare time now that you can’t go to robotics everyday…

. . You can’t help it if you go into radioshack and see a box of vex part and feel the need to construct a robot

… You have spent the last 18 hours editing the Championship footage
… You refer to everything by numbers
… You chant Oink Oink BOOM as you watch the bacon in your microwave
… Your friends offer to buy you lunch if you don’t say WildStang for 30 minutes, and you end you not eating becuase you left your lunch money at home.
… You order Thunder Chicken Nuggets at the school lunch line