You might be a FIRSTER if...

you know like the Jeff Foxworthy you might be a redneck if except its the FIRST robotics version. Got one post it here.

You might be a FIRSTER if you claim yourself to be John V Neun.

You might be a FIRSTer if you think there’s more to robotics than Battlebots.

If you clean your room and find the drill press chuck…

If you cut your pizza with a leatherman…

… if you’ve seen way too many versions of this thread.

Ow Brandon. Shot down…:smiley:

…If you can understand the joke “There are 01 types of people…”

You May be a FIRSTer if you see inventor screenshots in your sleep…

You might be a FIRSTER if you have been retired from a team for almost two years and a FIRSTER asks you “does this stuff run in your blood!” while attending a competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

… actually, it’s gaseous and I breathe it in. :smiley:

On a quick sidenote - do you still have your badge signed by dean/woodie? :smiley:

[/quick note]

You might be a FIRSTER if you can match more than 5 team names with their number.

Robobees- 836
Warbots- 620
WOW- 843
Synergy Robotics- 97
Yo Bot 2004 -651

You might be a FIRSTer if you clean your room and find all the motor maps for electrical in your room…

5? FIVE???

We used to play a game where 2 people competed to name more teams by name and number. Last time we played I lost to my roomie Chris 85-90.
That’s a lot of teams.

I think we should have higher standards than 5.

85-90? That’s nuthin, wussies.


Andy B.

Oh, most certainly I do. That is one thing I am scared to death to take from home to my apt. in fear it will be stolen, be lost, or who knows.
Matt is THE MAN… at the Championship in 03… not only did he get my driving partners and mine operator badge signed by Dean but also Woodie!!! :ahh:

You might be a FIRSTER if you have the ultimate GIRL room tributed to FIRST! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have a FIRST medal hanging from your dresser.

…If you show your Dave says “Thats Pimp” Button for an icebreaker.

…Drank from a glass that may have had more metal shavings than liquid in it.

…if you plan on getting a tattoo related to your team or FIRST.
…if you can wear FIRST shirts for two weeks straight or more.

two WEEKS? Child’s Play! Try Two MONTHS! :slight_smile:

Edit: You might be a FIRSTer if 80% of your day consists of thinking of Robots, 10% of it thinking about girls, 5% of it doing real work, and another 5% trying to think of how much of your day revolves around Robots.

Allright old man.
You’ve been talking a lot of trash lately.
Now it’s on!

FIRST Trivia?

We’ll beat you in anything.

Pick your poison.

If you have a wall in your room themed of FIRST stuff

including medals, pit signs, awards from your team for each year, a poster of an old robot, a framed alliance captain bib signed by several FIRSTers

or check out David Kelly’s room

If you find 4 or more pairs of safety glasses scattered about your room.

If you find that duct tape is the be all-end all of tools.

If you walk around malls, schools, etc. asking if anybody would like to trade buttons.

If you play Halo online and use your Chief Delphi forums user name.

If you have a F.I.R.S.T themed computer!

When the build seasion ends and you go through Moutian Dew withdraws…:smiley: