You might have your roboRIO plugged into the wrong radio port

In the past, you may have had an FTA or CSA recommend moving your roboRIO’s ethernet cable to the port on the radio closest to the power jack. There’s a known issue where sometimes the roboRIO just doesn’t cooperate on the other jack.

I’ve seen a lot of teams that have actually used permanent marker to label the incorrect port as the roboRIO port.

This year, it’s a rule:

R63. The roboRIO Ethernet port must be connected to the Wireless Bridge port labeled “18-24 vPOE,”
closest to the power connector (either directly or via a CAT5 Ethernet pigtail).

This is also on the inspection checklist, but it’s a little hidden and I’m not sure all the inspectors will catch it.

Please make sure to use the correct jack when you get to competitions! It will make getting your robot connected to the field much easier.