YOU Predict the Average Match Score of 2009's Week 1 Regionals

That’s right. Include a breakdown, point-by-point, ball-by-ball, or just a number. Mostly, this thread is so we can look back in seven weeks and realize how terribly wrong we were. :rolleyes:

(I’ll post my prediction when I figure out what it is)

I am guessing that your average human player/robot will only be able to score 7 to 9 moonrocks and maybe 1 of the teams on an alliance will make there super cell. so maybe an alliances average score would be like 50.

I disagree. I think humans will be able to score a lot more points than the robots. Super Cells will be important to play and almost every super cell will be used.

Dear Future Self and Future Readers of this thread,

At this point, I have not actually set foot on the playing field, nor attempted to score any Orbit Balls. I have felt how slippery the KOP wheels are on an equivalent of the playing field.

That said, here’s my guestimate: 53

That figures each standing human/robot combination can deliver 10 balls apiece. I think Robot-to-Robot deliveries will be VERY difficult, and it will be darn near impossible to drive around collecting balls. Also, I think the sitting HP will have a reduced range and accuracy, so I predict he’ll make 3 balls. Then, just for kicks, lets say an alliance makes a Super Cell in about 50% of matches.

Intuitively, this seems like an awfully high average score for an FRC game, especially one as different as this one.

I think that the average match will not have a Super Cell being scored. I am guessing that a average score of 40, of scoring of just Moon Rocks. I can see high scores in the upper hundreds

Around 60

edit: Oh wait, week 1 I think more like high 30’s to 40’s for most teams. There will be the regulars who will score near and above 60

I would assume that if each alliance has 1 person who is really good at shooting they would be able to on a good match score around 10-15 moon rocks and empty cells, but i’d say average would be 8-10 this is an easier target than let’s say in '07 or '06. Then for the robots lets say dump about 5-10 ball 2 or 3 times each, that would make the scores anywhere from 30-60 for the robots add the humans and around 1 super cell you could get 70-85. But look for some low scoring as well especially to start off


I think the average score will be around 50 to 70 the first week, with a high score being around 116.

Really? You all think the HPs will make more shots than the bots?

I’ve watched some '02 vids. The HPs didn’t make many shots. And those goals were much bigger, and they didn’t have a pole in the middle!! :ahh:

I’m willing to bet each HP makes 2-3 shots per match.

I’ll bet that in a normal match, with one “good” bot and two mediocre ones, the robots will score 15 rocks all together.

If super cells are scored, only one will be scored, and it won’t happen often…

Average Total: ~45
Max (Rare match): ~90

I think scores will vary wildly. If a robot can’t move fast enough, your alliance will suffer greatly.

I proposed to my team earlier today that the “average” match score we’ll see will be in the 50-70 range, probably towards the 50 side for week 1 regionals. Well-played matches will probably be 100-110, especially as the regionals progress.

Average cumulative match score: 35

The 02 goal did have a pole in the middle, but I agree. It is going to be very difficult to throw these into a moving goal.

I’m thinking this game will be lower scoring than most seem to believe, somewhere in the 25-35 range for each alliance. (When all the robots show up and work).

When the robots don’t show up and work… expect alliances with up to 50-65 points just from good human play, not to mention people just doing pure dumps into the non-moving goal.

For the average match - I’m guessing 30.

Actually the Zone Zeal ('02) goals did have big PVC poles in the center and the Soccer balls had much more of a tendency to hit the tops of the PVC poles and bounce away. The rocks/cells do not bounce nearly as much. '04 goals had no poles and HP’s made quite a few shots since the big goals were stationary and the mobile goals were often used once to catch the dumped balls from the overhead release.

Anyway, I tend to think that in the beginning of auto a somewhat practiced HP should be able to make 2 (perhaps 3) before the robot really starts moving quickly. So perhaps 12-18 points before auto is over.

As for during the match I expect HP’s to be doing more scoring than a moving robot with a moving target, although I am sure there will be robots excellent at shooting that will likely not be the norm. The goals will not be abruptly changing position (aside from collisions) given the traction so the HP shots are possible, but you better start practicing now :slight_smile: .

Perhaps 40-50 points will be average. I think seeing more than 1-2 super cells implemented successfully in a match will be a bit uncommon.

Im going to guess 20 to 30 per alliance per match

the total combined score of both alliances at 50.

depends which week 1 event your talking of

midwest will be higher than the other regionals in my opinion

midwest: maybe 35, more like 30, high score will be between 60-65… most likely during eliminations

everyone else: around 20-25… high scores will be between 45-55

if 103 and xX good robot hook up on Friday morning, watch out we might see 70 up in NJ

For me, it is much harder to make these shots than throwing the 5 point balls in 2004, and thats while keeping our trailer mock up still only 10 feet away. Add in the moving factor (which 2004 didn’t have) and it makes for some very difficult shots. Human players must be ready to take advantage of any stopped opponents within their known range if they plan to score a decent amount.

For Week 1, I’ll say average score of around 40.

keep in mind that those robots without a working autonomous are going to collect opponent HP moon rocks real fast at the beginning of the game.

I’m going with an average of 40-50…but this guess is based on my thought that very few teams will go after Super Cells. If Super Cells are a pivitol part of this game, then my guess is 50-60.

I don’t believe there will be very many robots without an autonomous mode.

That being said, I predict the average game will be ~40-50 points with the maximum over 120.

The only human player scoring will really be done when a robot is stopped near a payload specialist or an end wall, robot scoring on other bots will account for at least 80% of scoring once teams figure out how to play the game.

First week average: 30-40 points

eventually getting to the 50-60 range weeks later.