YOU Predict the Average Match Score of 2015's Week 1 Regionals/Districts

Mostly, this thread is so we can look back in eight weeks and realize how terribly wrong we were. Qualifying round is probably the most useful, but elimination scores are interesting to try and peg as well.

If you can post a reasoning that’s awesome, but we’ll take just a number as well.

2014 stats from TBA

Previous Years

In quals we will see maybe 5 single totes pushed onto platforms, and maybe one stack of 2-5 totes on average. That’s being optimistic. I see ~20 points in the average qual match not counting TNA or other pool noodle shenanigans. However, a single elite team’s presence in a match could raise the score by 30, 40, or even 50 points possibly, and a decent team on either side could get the coopertition bonus. So, to recap:

Average qual match: 25 pts
Minority qual match: 50 pts
Smaller minority quals: 100 pts

Elims will match similarly to the 100 pts of the high-level qualifiers.

Bumping for interest. I started a discussion similar to this last night as its difficult to plan a strategy when you don’t know if forty points is a gargantuan amount or insignificant.

A lot of people from my region seem to think that six stacks will be common and points will be near the hundreds. However, personally I think the best option (as with a six stack you’re pretty much guaranteed only one with a time of over a minute - feel free to contest that please), is to get the autonomous points with the robot bonus at least, or hopefully a container or tote for four to ten points, and then shoot for two stacks at least of three or four totes with a container on the top. Then, if there is time (assuming your robot is fast), try to sweep up any noodles to get a few more points and deny those points to your opponent. This of course makes little difference in the short run, but can be great in the long run.

Doing quicky math, this would get you possibly 4, 10, or 12 points in Auto, anywhere from 18 (single 3 stack) to 48 (two four stacks) in teleop, and then hopefully twenty if you do coopertition (which is important for the tiebreaker). So say with this you average somewhere around fifty points a game. The question is again though, is this a significant amount of points for an alliance (if feasible of course), or is this low?

Additionally, as a side note, since the containers are probably the greatest source of points, it would probably be a good strategy to at the least deny your opponents of as many of the four in the middle as possible, which again is beneficial in the long run.

As a somewhat relevant question also, does anyone think its feasible for an average team (meaning not sponsored by NASA) to make a bot that can make more than one six stack in the time allotted?

I bet 1114 will make at least 2 6 stacks :stuck_out_tongue: (they are not NASA bots)

I was apparently pessimistic last year (I guessed 50, but the TBA quals average started near 80 and went up from there).

Auto will see three bots drive into the auto zone pushing recycling containers, giving us 12 points. If The Noodle Agreement is kept, there is another 40 points. Robots drag and pull gray totes around, getting a row 1 layer tall over the whole of the scoring platforms, say about 16 totes for 32 points. One robot from each side is good at some stacking and we get a coopertition set for 20 points. That stacking robot also gets a couple containers on the gray totes for another 8 points. In total, 112 points.

Edit: Looking at some of the past threads, we seemed overly optimistic around 2011 and overly pessimistic more recently (at least in the first several posts of each thread).

A complete shot in the dark here: average quals match score will range 65-85.

There will be a huge range of scores depending on the quality of the robots this year.

An average alliance with no super-robot will score 40-80, a good alliance in quals can score 80-120.

In competitive eliminations, the game will be won/lost by the green containers in the center.

Most common score: 0-25 points

Average score: 40

Elims average: 100

Einstein quarterfinal average: 200

Average Qualification Score: 60 points

Average Elimination Score: 105 points

Our robot should be able to create at least 2 stacks of 6, but some of our members have concerns about the stability of the stack, so we probably won’t be stacking any more than 4 per stack.

this… except that I think elim average during weeks 1-2-3 will be 80
moving up to 120 in weeks 4-5-6 (Remember that many teams will be doing coopertition in quals but won’t get those points in elims…)

Divisional Quarters will be 175-200 (average)
Einstein Quarters 200-250 (average)

I hope I am wrong and MANY more points will be scored…

See you on the field!

Quals Average: 100 points. Looking at Coopertition, some Auton, and a few stacks its not that hard.

Not sure about week one, but I’m thinking around 150 or so at waterford’s finals.

Qualification average: 40
Elimination Average: 100

Autonomous is so alliance dependent that 0 points will be common for an autonomous score. I also think teams will struggle overall to manipulate the bins and to stack, no current FRC students have had to build robots with an arm as the primary scoring mechanism (outside of 2013 pyramid climbers). I think the average will be 40 mainly from the elite 100+ matches offsetting the 10 point ones.

80 for quals. 180 for eliminations. 300 at Einstein.

I guess I am more optimistic than most.

Not really, when you consider that 80 points is simply a ROBOT SET + a 6 stack with can + noodle agreement.

I think the average qualification score in Week 1 will be 30.

A strong playoffs alliance in Week 1 will score 200 points.

An extremely competitive robot will probably be able to score over 100 points by itself.

For week 1:

4 point Robot Set (AUTO)
6 point Tote Set (AUTO)
~60 points for TELEOP stacking
~40 points Coopertition (Yellow Totes, Noodle Agreement)

OVERALL: 110 points

Scaling above, I’d say around 190 points (no Coopertition Totes)…

I agree completely. I’m guessing that every team will get a robot set in auto. and have at least 2 stacks of 4 totes plus a can. Also some totes that are just pushed onto the ramp

What exactly is this supposed to mean? NASA sponsors a lot of teams on all skill levels. If you are talking about NASA center teams, which we are not, most of these teams have their students doing a large majority of the work I have seen it in action from our neighbors 233 The Pink Team. Being sponsored by NASA is just like be sponsored by any other company. I also know for a fact that these teams would be some of the first to drop what they are doing and give you a hand.

Just some food for thought