YOU Predict the Average Match Score of 2017's Week 1 Regionals/Districts

Mostly, this thread is so we can look back in eight weeks and realize how terribly wrong we were. Qualifying round is probably the most useful, but elimination scores are interesting to try and peg as well.

If you can post a reasoning that’s awesome, but we’ll take just a number as well.

Click here for last year’s predictions (2016)

The predicted average from this thread last year was ~28 points for qualifying matches, and the actual week 1 average qualifying score was about 70 according to TBA.

2016 stats from TBA

Previous Years

Good luck!

I’m going with 120. The point values seem much higher this year, and even a gear in auto can give you half that right off the bat.

Safe in the knowledge that I probably am not the only one making terrible predictions here, I’m going to guess 130pts for qual matches on average.

Yay we can be wrong together!

I’d also wager around 120. Also, OP, poll for this?

65, I think this game is going to be alot more challenging then we think.

110pts (40 right off the bat + 40 for one propeller + A bit extra to account for the occasional gear auto and balls)

Likely going for 130. The avg team can probs score a gear in auto…

I wouldn’t count on that, especially not Week 1

I’d guess around the 110-120 range

I think the average district or regional will have a score of ~80. auto will be mostly 5 point move forward. Most teams will score zero gears in auto and 1-2 per average alliance will be scored.

This is going to be similar to the mini bot. folks will spend the whole time figuring out how to score the gears and forget how to get the gears in the first place.

150 pts

My guess is we will see on average at least one climber on each alliance with a decent chance of two so we should see at least 90 points even in weak matches. Most robots will probably have the ability to score a gear or fuel albeit slowly so seeing 2 rotors spinning shouldn’t be uncommon.

Going to guess about 110-120. That’s 2 rotors, and a little extra. I’m assuming some alliances will score leds and some will score more but I think will be on average 110-120.

175 pts. I’m predicting at least 2 gear sets, 1 climb, and 100 high goals per match.

I’m betting that for 50% of alliances, you’ll get a successful auto gear. Moreover, you’ll probably be able to find at least 1 bot that can do gears, so I’ll say that they can get done 3 or 4 in teleop. Either way, that’s the average of 100 and 80 points, or 90 total points.

I have a feeling that an alliance will have a climb 25% of the time, so tack on an additional 12.5 points. Total: 112.5.

I have a hunch that not too many balls will be scored, but let’s say that 2 bins of balls wind up going in the low goal, or the equivilent thereof. That’s 100 balls minus spillage, or 11 points minus a bit. Lets’s be optimistic: only a bit spills, and you get 10 points.

Perhaps 1 foul may occur on the enemy alliance half the time. Value: 2.5 points.

Grand total: 125 points.

Keep in mind that this estimation includes all matches, including elims.

Due to easiness of scoring points with the gears and hanging I am predicting the average is 250

100 for quals, ~150 for elims. Scoring gears will be a bit difficult at first but will become easier after the first few matches so the scores will, as usual, increase as the day goes on. I think that week 1 climbs will be rare.

Im gonna have to disagree with you here. From what I see, every team that plans on scoring balls plans on hitting around 5 high goals per second. Let’s say they they spent an average of one minute total shooting throughout the match (which seems reasonable). Considering they have 90 percent shooting accuracy, that’s give/take 220 high goals per match, which is 73 points per match.

As someone on a team who climbed quite a lot last year; climbing was much simpler last year and only about 11% of people actually did it.

I am going to say 90 is the average score in week 1. But I feel this game will have the largest jump between average qual and average elim scores ever.

Regional average will be 140 with elims 180 . Districts average will be 75 and elims will be 120

I think climbing is a tad easier this year, but only slightly. I’m gonna guess only about 11-12% climb again.

90 sounds about right, and I totally agree. The difference between one, two, and three rotors is enormous, and those will jump to three quickly in elims (not even mentioning the possibility of a fourth rotor).