YOU Predict the Average Match Score of 2019’s Week 1 Regionals/Districts


Why 2.5?


The way he intended it was for each number to represent the range between the shown number and the next highest, which is an average of 2.5 higher than the shown number. He thought it would be a bar graph, it’s not (unfortunately).


Then add 2, not 2.5, the average of 0-4 is 2


Yeah, you’re correct. I’ve changed it to be 2.


I predict around 35.
6 Points for Auto.
20 Points for Tele-OP (4 Cargo and 4 Hatches). I think placing on the Rocket will be much harder than expected.
9 Total Points in Climbing. I think level 3 climbs will be very rare, especially in quals.


My guess would be somewhere in the 30-40 range for regular matches and 40-50 for eliminations. There is only so much time, and with the minimal drive practice, I can’t see even the best of teams exceeding my estimates by any more than 20 points.