You Share Photos-We share Data

I just wanted to make a little appeal to all the teams out there who haven’t posted photos of their robots either here or in .

How about showing everybody what you built?

I am willing to offer an e-mail of my current Mid Atlantic Regional robot stats sheet based on the pictures I’ve been able to glean from the web this past week to any team that posts their pictures on line and makes the request. It is far from comprehensive but might help you plan.

So far only about 1/2 of the teams attending Rutgers have posted photos.

Aren’t you curious who you will be playing with and against this season?

:cool: WC

You are absolutely correct. I have tried to compile a notebook of facts, pictures, etc of teams that we will be teamed with or against at the Kennedy and St. Louis regionals. I am discouraged by the lack of information that I am finding. Sharing picutes and basic information now would save so much time at the regionals. Teams would be able to have a foundation to build on before it came time to negotiate or “battle.” Those who haven’t responded must be busy with other things. Hopefully your gentle reminder will spur some to post updated pictures, etc. I wish you and your team all the luck in the world and know that everyone will be a winner regardless of the score. Gil - Team 343 Metal In Motion

I am compiling scouting data of my own. First I started with pictures I found from several sources that included chief delphi forum, the us first site, and That provided ample resources in terms of pictures. Besides their obvious capacities one of my mentors is a genious when it comes to knowing how devices work mechanically. That has allowed my to start classifying the robots at my home regional by type. After I complete that sheet I will transfer it to spread sheet. Then our team will use my date to come up with counter strategies to whatever opponents we face.

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I am doing the same for VCU, and I have a list of about 45 teams that I don’t have any data on (yeah, this is the regional with 70 teams). I would be more then greatful to share with the other teams attending…

The one thing to thing of is that a lot of rookie teams know nothing about this forum or why they would want to post pictures…

remember, if you find a picture that isn’t on, send the link to Jason, so that the rest of us don’t have to work so hard :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there anyway that can help people keep track of new photos? Like, some sort of page that say, these teams’ picture was submitted at this date…

It would be great if people don’t have to click through all the photos to find out which ones are new and which one aren’t.


I will spread the word about the webpage to teams around west coast.

Well, it sounded like a good idea to me, soooooooo

whenever I update the site, I will post a message to this board so that you will know what has been updated. Also, I believe that members of the board will be able to upload pictures, though I would prefer it if they were just e-mailed to me at
[email protected]

I’ve posted our robot pictures to this site, and there’s still a thread in the robot showcase (page 2) that has the links to them. I’d love the stats on your robot; please email them to [email protected]


Since all of you guys seemed to be gathering info on teams and putting it in data bases or what have you, have you found anything on teams 357 or 524? Both have websites that are very unhelpful and not up to date. I haven’t found any pictures of their robot from this year…

By the way, it’s these teams specifically because those are the one’s I was assigned by the GIA! :slight_smile: (Gunn Intelligence Agency, from the Gunn Robotics Team!)

Thanks a lot,