You want how many???

Today we ordered 10 baconators, 12 orders of fries and a few other things at Wendy’s for dinner during a meeting. This is the third time we’ve made a huge Baconator order this season.

What’s the largest/craziest order you’ve ever made at a fast food restaurant?

This wasnt for first or anything but I was at a taco bell with a large group of people one time and the order was…20 soft shell tacos, 5 crunch wrap supremes, 3 quesidillas, and 10 hard shell tacos. And one person ordered it all so imagine what the person behind the register thought.

I think we’ve gotten something like 13-15 pizzas before…our team is crazy.

On the way back from Chesapeake, the team placed two or three monster orders at a McDonald’s (in the interest of reducing the number of traveler’s checks we had to break). They were right large, as I recall.

2 Crave Cases + 12 Sacks of Sides at White Castle for 6 people back in 2006 on one of the last days of build.

Half of my team walked through the Wendys Drive through in Trenton, NJ , each placing our own order from our “invisible car”. That has to count for something :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve ordered McDonalds for 50 before.

That meant like, at least 80 burgers, countless orders of fries, and SO MANY sodas!!! :eek:

The corporate team whose job it is to go order food and pick it up for the team does a wonderful job. They always seem to get something wrong… and our awesome corporate people GO BACK and get it fixed (it’s kinda nice that the McDonalds is <4 minutes from our build site.)


My team went to the 7-11 across the street from Drexel and got like a ton of hot dogs and sodas and chips. It was pretty funny if i do say so myself. I think we stressed out the check out guy! :yikes:

I used to work in Indianapolis and I was at a Wendy’s near the Speedway Race Track during the month of May (Indy 500 time), someone came in and ordered Wendy’s for the majority of the pit crews that day. It ended up being like 500 some burgers. I was very surprised with how well they handled the order. They told the guy to wait in the dining room and he had his food before I was finished eating.

I got sent on the food run one night after FLR to a local mexican restaurant called Moe’s. Several of the mentors had been before so the students just ordered based on what the mentors ordered. So I had orders for

3 steak homewreckers with everything including beans
3 steak homewreckers with everything but sour cream
2 more homewreckers with…
2 chicken homewreckers with…
2 more chicken homewreckers with…
2 Overachievers…
a Fahita-burrito…
and a Ruprict

and I picked when I got there… :o

By the way - a homewrecker is a massive burrito, an overachiever is a taco and a Ruprict is nachos and cheese. The folks at Moe’s were very nice to me but I backed up the line for quite a while!

I’ve spent $80 at Wendy’s, before. That was an interesting experience.

In college, I was on the football team. My roommate was an offensive lineman (6’5", 330 - a good friend to have). We would eat dinner at a local Captain D’s once per week, when they had their all-you-can-eat special for $5.99. This “we” would include 4-5 other offensive lineman (they travel in packs). Each guy would put away at least 10 large pieces of fish. I could not keep up.

Needless to say, the manager was not happy to see us. We would walk in the door and hear voices from the kitchen: “hey, guys… they are here, load up the fryers!”.

Good times…

Andy B.

I once single-handedly ate $25 worth of Wendy’s chicken tenders. I don’t eat fast food anymore.

I was there the Cashier was in fact not stressed, he seemed very happy.

There’s a chinese buffet down the street from the school, and we’ll go there as a team sometimes. People tend to stare at us, because many team members go up three or four times, and at least half of us pay with pennies, nickels, and dimes. And one day, there was another big group of kids from our school there, too. Needless to say, they get alot of business.

We have this White Castle imitation place by my house, and we ordered like 200 burgers or something, like 50 fries and like 50 drinks… What do you say to that Harold and Kumar?

I think at certaom regionals the food orders were crazy
At the wisconsin one, the Grand Ave Mall Food Court was filled with robotics kids. I’ve never seen so many confused Moms-With-Strollers

During Atlanta we got 50+ Chick-fil-A sandwiches and we needed to buy a duffle bag to carry them back to the team in the stadium