Youngest EI Award Winner

My Team, 5006 Apophis, won the EI award at the Oklahoma Regionals this past weekend. People have told me that it is unusual for a second year team to win this award, and that we may be the youngest team to win it. Is there any truth to this?

I don’t know about EI, but 4488 and 4905 have both won a Chairmans award in their second season. It’s very impressive.

I’ve never heard of a rookie team winning it, so I’m betting you tied for the record. There are less than 20 teams (or were, I haven’t kept track this year) who have won Sophmore season Chairman’s Awards.

Chairman’s Award in their second year? That’s incredible! talk about hitting the ground running.

4911 also pulled it off as a second-year team this year in the PNW - congrats to them for being a fantastic team with a fantastic program!

Wow, winning EI second year is really an accomplishment, especially with how many top-tier teams are around!

Way long ago, in our second season (2004) we apparently not just won Chairmans at the Peachtree Regional but also got Chairman’s honorable mention at Champs. :ahh:

I wasn’t around then, but it its still a cool story people have told me!

I know that 1714 won an EI their second year, and Chairman’s their third year (and many years following!)

Regardless, congratulations on your extremely strong, early success.

3504 Girls of Steel won RAS, then EI their second year (and third year, and fourth year). They just won their first RCA at Buckeye this week.

47 won the Chairman’s Award in their second year. Not a Regional Chairman’s Award, as those didn’t even exist back in 1997, but the Chairman’s Award.

While there’s no FRC 47 today, even those newer to the FRC community know the name of that team… Chief Delphi. 47 and 65 merged a few years ago (as did their high schools) to become 51, Wings of Fire.

We awarded 5112 EI at the UMASS Dartmouth district event. They are also a 2nd year team. They had an extremely impressive community wide program for promoting engineering using the alumini from the school district.

Wow! From what I am hearing, this is not a totally unique circumstance. It’s so cool to see other teams getting going so quickly.

Back when I was a student on 1619, we won EI our rookie year in 2005 at the Colorado Regional. We didn’t even really know how rare it was at the time since we were all new to FIRST.

Add 1398 to the second-year EI winners, with a Championship Judges’ Award kicker. (An RCA win and a repeat Championship Judges’ Award came in year three.)

It looks like they also won EI last year in their rookie season!

Whoops, missed that one. Thanks for the catch!

One thing that helps is they were the 2013 FTC world finalists, as well as runner ups to the the Inspire award at 2013 world championships. So they have had a good amount of FIRST experience, and probably could have been one of the few teams to win chairmans their rookie year if allowed to actually apply for chairmans.

A second year team, 4945, just won EI at Chesapeake. Congrats! :slight_smile:

Please add 3880 to the list.

We recieved the EI our second year. As well we were blessed with the EI and Chairmans our third year on our first multi regional mainland tour. I didnt know unusual it was.

My signature has our history. Now to add to the craziness is our 2 Engineering Inspiration Awards received this year! Time to fix my signature after some much needed rest. Off to the airport…

Congratulations on the EI award! It speaks worlds about your program and dedication.


We won EI in our second and third year. :slight_smile:

Another second year EI team - 1257 at the Chesapeake Regional in 2005, after winning Rookie Inspiration at the same regional the year before.