YOUR Career in Fluid Power

This was sent to us via e-mail:

The NFPA Marketing Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a new 7-minute career video, "YOUR Career in Fluid Power" and Companion Resource web site. Addressing the lack of adequately trained workers in fluid power through industry promotion efforts continues to be a major initiative in NFPA’s Workforce Development strategy. YOUR Career in Fluid Power is a high-energy, high-impact introduction to our industry that encourages high school and college students to consider the world of fluid power and the exciting careers available in the field. Go to to watch the new career video.

          The video offers a realistic look at the opportunities and               challenges facing three young fluid power engineers, each on a               different career track: 
          - An applications engineer who works hands-on with fluid power               systems, enjoying the challenge of how things work together to               deliver power where it's needed most. 
          - A research and development engineer who is involved with               creating new products that have a real impact on people's lives. 
          - A sales engineer who enjoys meeting customers and helping them               to solve their unique and varied problems. 
          The "go to" Companion Resource web site, [](,               has been developed for students interested in learning about               fluid power through fun and interesting games and animation. The               Companion Resource web site provides in-depth information about               fluid power technology and the available career opportunities. 
          A promotional brochure is also available to invite and encourage               students to view the video and use the Companion Resource web               site to learn more about the exciting careers in the field of               fluid power. 
          NFPA encourages members, industry, students, teachers, and school               administrators to share the video and Companion Resource web site               with those interested in a career in engineering.