Your Fav. T.V show!

Hey, I love watching cartoon shows, even if some people say their too old for that. I was just wondering …“whats your fav. t.v show??”… Thank you for your post! *Reminder this is just for cartoons.

I don’t really like cartoons. But if I watch them I’ll probably watch Scooby Doo or Garfield.

oh yeah, Sorry if you think this is too childish but hey, gotta love them. cause i do!

Yay! cartoons! I’m personally more into anime myself (my fav so far is Vandread but Soultaker’s really good to,) but american animation, CG, it’s all good…

haha out of those its definetly Rugrats. brings back memories of me and my close nieghboorhood friends going on “secret adventures” etc. lol we crazy like the rugrats lol

Out of the ones in the pole, I hate them all.

I know it is only for cartoons but I’m going to say my favorite real shows anyway.

  1. CSI
  2. Without a Trace

Old Shows

  1. Knight Rider
  2. MacGyver

don’t know if u consider anime a part of cartoons but ruroni kenshin is good.

Teen Titans.

Is it sad that I’m 19, and I know the Nickelodeon cartoons inside and out?

Rugrats used to be one of my favorite shows period before Kimi; she just outright ruined the show. And since we’re on the subject, its spinoff All Grown Up was good before they changed the animation for season two.

Jimmy Neutron is interesting. If you’re looking for some sort of continuity in your cartoons, this is it. Plus, technology gone wrong… sounds oddly familiar…

Fairly OddParents is just fricken hillarious. I can listen to Cosmo’s idiocy all day long.

And Spongebob Squarepants is a spawn of the devil. It’s EVIL!

There you have it, my sadly in-depth views of the poll choices.

CSI and MacGyver are both awesome. I’m not too big of a fan of cartoons. I watched Rugrats when I was little.

I’m a big fan of Adult Swim on CN. Futurama, Family Guy, and Mission Hill are my favorite.

TV Series: Dead Like Me (Showtime)

“Reality Show”: American Chopper/Monster Garage/Pimp My Ride/MTV Cribs/Overhauled

Cartoon: Scooby Doo (See Avatar)

Old School TV Show: MacGyver

Old School TV Show (Nickelodeon): Are You Afraid of the Dark?

I agree … I love Adult Swim and Family Guy …

I also watch the “kiddie” cartoons like Weekenders and Recess …

ok while I am a fan of the adult swim shows I also love other cartoons namely INVADER ZIM!!! Ok, the kids WB cartoons are awesome too, yeah I’m a sucker for Pokemon and the like. But ZIM is the best!

Beavis & Butthead…best cartoon ever.

Seinfeld…best TV show ever. Period.

Amen to that!

nya… I watch Anime (Mainly Fushigi Yuugi, DNAngel, Prince of Tennis etc…) but the ones on TV… only Fullmetal Alchemist…

yay on the reality shows!!!

My fav live action show would have to be Lost, it’s aaaawwwwesooomme… :o yeah, fav american cartoon: Aqua Teen Hungerforce (the radom craziness!!!) I already said my fav animes

Aqua Teen Hunger Force is awesome