your favorite equations for build seasion

mine is used for when i get tired of the code stopping for stupid reasons

while true==true

Trigonometry has always been rather attractive from my perspective

A nice little as3 script for parsing the FIRST website :slight_smile:

var temp:ArrayCollection = ArrayCollection(event.result);
				var tempString:String = "";
				var sentUrl:String = temp.getItemAt(0) as String;
				var eid:String = sentUrl.substr("eid=")+4,sentUrl.length);
				eid = eid.substr(0,"&"));
				for(var n:int = 1; n < temp.length; n++){
				tempString = tempString.substr('<tr bgcolor="#FFFFFF">'),tempString.length);
				tempString = tempString.substr(0,'</table>'));
				var i:int ='	');
				while( i != -1){
					tempString = tempString.replace('	',' ');
					i ='	');
				i ='<br />');
				while( i != -1){
					tempString = tempString.replace('<br />',' ');
					i ='<br />');
				i ='nowrap');
				while( i != -1){
					tempString = tempString.replace('nowrap',' ');
					i ='nowrap');
				tempString = "<table>" +tempString+"</table>";
				var xml:XML = XML(tempString);
				for(i = 0; i < xml.children().length(); i++){
					var location:String = xml.child(i).child(0).child(0).toString();
					var name:String = xml.child(i).child(1).child(0).toString();
					var url:String = ""+eid+"&-session=myarea:C77D640504fbb2FB82SVt2270655"
					var number:String = xml.child(i).child(2).child(0).child(0).toString();
					var service:EventService = new EventService();

Well, in 2009 (Lunacy) our favorite equation was F=uN, or “fun,” as we called it, to the point that the judges mentioned our use of “the equation ‘fun’” during our DTT award speech at Championship.


For those saying that W=Fd is wrong, “d” is often used for distance. You could also use “l” for “length”, but “d” is more common.

I kind of like the following:

Stress = F/A.
Stress = Homework/Time.
Therefore, Homework is a force.

Oh, and then there’s this one:

Reading + Manual + Updates + Q&A = someone who knows the rules and doesn’t have to ask [current most annoyingly common rules question].

Ehhhh. I should have mentioned that it only works for whole numbers. So measure in seconds.

Or, WAKE!!! (as in: wake up you sleepy robotics student!)

This one is pretty nice too:
motor in = (joystick out)^3
That keeps the freshmen from cranking on the joysticks to much.


My favorite, and most used would have to be F=ma, hands down.

Reminds me of 2007. I was taking geometry in high school at the time, and it was awesome to be able to apply that to locating the poles on the rack. We ended up using about 80% of the IFI controller’s processing power that year with all of the trig during autonomous.

And then in 2009 I was taking high school physics…man, my high school FRC experience was perfectly timed. :slight_smile:

I think we need to introduce you to our friend the regular expression…

Favorite equation for this build season? Torque = r x F. Law of Cosines comes in a close second. Though, I am also a pretty big fan of: Position = ∫∫Acceleration and the cylindrical coordinate system.

C(amps) = V/ohms. Seems to be very useful this year. A lot of people seem to be burning out stuff by putting them to incorrect electrical loads (D-Links, for instance X.X).

Also, R + T + M = (Occasional Lack of) Knowledge ::rtm::

I can’t believe I haven’t see one of the most important minibot equations!?

Ep = mgh

I like using that symbol on homework and imagining that the predator is targeting my homework.


My favorite equation of all time, for all time, at all times, is the one which relates five fundamental mathematical constants using addition, multiplication, and exponentiation.

0: the additive identity element
1: the multiplicative identity element
e: the natural base
pi: the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter
i: the square root of negative one

e^(i*pi) + 1 = 0

I wish I could do superscripts properly using vBulletin.

My second favorite equation is actually just an approximation: 1 foot ≈ 1 nanosecond

You can so superscripts and [sub]sub[/sub]scripts in vBcode.

All of the torque and RPM equations for motors and their assorted conversions!

** P= ((3.4 * N) div 8 ) + 1**

Give N roboteers the number of pizzas P to order

Most used: circumference = 2 * Pi * r

Favorite: f = m * a

I think it must be all the curves it comes with. :wink:

1+1=11 <-My sister said this one the other day.


But seriously everyone, F=MA and E=MC :ahh: