Your favorite robot of all time?

Title says it all. Public poll to see what your personal favorite FRC robot has been, from any year and any team; not necessarily the best or most functional!

My personal favorite: Team 195’s 2013 robot, Oddjob
Year after year, the Cyberknights roll out stellar robots in six weeks, but Oddjob is special. Its fullcourt shooting through the Ultimate Ascent season was virtually unrivaled at the regional level, and still outclassed its opponents at championships. In addition, its high COG and “whaletail” made for some suspenseful and interesting moments on the field. The crossfielding was incredible to watch at the final Connecticut regional, which only made Ultimate Ascent’s reputation as one of the best challenges FIRST has created stronger.

What’s stuck out for you over the years?

1717 from 2012

2826 2015. A great example of strategic design, and the success that comes when it’s implemented correctly.

148 in 2008.

2056 in 2012

254 in 2014

971 in 2014

1114 in 2008

Team 3717 in 2012, L bot

971 in 2016

469 in 2010. The strategy behind it is utterly simple yet brilliant.

1114 in 2015. Just a stunning and beautiful machine all around.

67’s 2012 robot. The utility-arm that could do basically everything but shoot.

Two texas bots here.

118 in 2013.
148 in 2015.

That is all.

341 (2012) in MAR and 3310 (2015) all time.

Ditto. I was on a second-year team with few resources. They were across from us in the pits in L.A. All we did is stare at that robot.

FRC 279’s 2004 robot.
It was just so cool to watch in action.
It would grab the bar from the lower platform and then clamshell up, flip over and the spread out some lexan flaps to block other robots from getting on.
It was a part of the single coolest moment I saw at a FIRST event in Quarterfinal 2 of the Buckeye Regional 378,48 and 1038 (i can’t remember if 48 or 1038 were out because it was 2 vs. 2 that year). 378 had made their way up onto the upper platform and was moving in on 279 who was approaching from the lower platform so basically 378 drove on top of them after 279 grabbed the bar. 279 decided they were going up even with 378 on top of them and lifted them both up off the ground. The place went nuts! 279 did their thing while 378 fell off to the floor. 279, 859 and 1001 still ended up losing the match though.
Sadly there are no archives of this robot in action on the Blue Alliance.

My favorite robot of all time is 254’s 2014 robot. It is not extremely complicated, in fact many teams could have made their robot, but the strategy they used was so unique and so elegant that it is definitely my favorite robot.

971 this year - you felt their presence on the field, and the way their robot flung around all those parts without any interference between the bit… gorgeous

469 in 2013

and 2046 in 2012. Bear Metal’s best robot (well, maybe this year’s was better), and my first year on the team. it’s the source of a lot of cool memories

Team 1986 in 2013. As a freshman going to champs for the first time and new to FRC, I was amazed at how 1986’s bot was performing in the newton division in 2013. Till this day the Kraken still remains my favorite robot of all time.

33 & 254 looked good in 2014. I liked 148 & 1114 in 2015. 971 is definitely my fav this year.